• "watching the paint dry"
  • Any of the 'Repairman Jack' stories written by F. Paul Wilson. I've always believed that these could easily rival or surpass any of the Indiana Jones stories and a few others.
  • I would make a movie about mobbing and gangstalking.
  • I would make it a movie about a guy who is an only child, loses his real father, and then his adopted father dies. He moves with his mother to a shack on the beach. Then she gets pregnant when he is 16 (oh horrors, Mom had s*x with someone...)so he joins the National Guard. Then he meets a woman on the internet, and she lies to him about birth control, and has three babies in four years. He leaves her and eventually makes his way to Texas, where he meets a woman on the internet in Sweden. She comes to the US, but he gets put in jail for non-support, and she goes back to Sweden. Now he gets out, and follows her to Sweden, only to find out she has divorced him. Soon he remarries, and a few years they have a daughter, but his wife runs off with an artist from London. He finds another lover, but he suddenly suffers a severe stroke, and loses all ability to talk, or even walk. He loses custody of his daughter, but his lover stands by him and helps him slowly but surely recover to the point where he can resume his freelance work as a computer web builder. Together, they become famous through his work, he gets his daughter back, and they all live happily ever after.
  • I would make the film adaptation of Tolkien's "Silmarillion."
  • It would be a hodgepodge of movie styles, like Clerks, Yeti a Love Story, and SuperTroopers. The entire thing would be a group of guys lost at the Adult Entertainment Expo, and fighting to get back to their hotelrooms, like in the Warriors. Add in alot of sexist and racist jokes. Bang one smash hit comedy.
  • I'm writing a movie right now, but I'm not telling what it is. I have a lot of ideas I'm not going to tell because I believe they will eventually be made and you'll all get to experience the magic of one of my stories. I will leave you with one idea, which is a movie about 1849 San Francisco, two Irishmen come into town and are met by a couple of claimjumpers. They unknowingly join their gang and head off too the Sierra Nevadas to the diggings. Chaos ensues.
  • I'd make a disaster movie based on the book of Revalations. Have the world go up in flames, a battle between heaven and would be awesome.
  • Atlas Shrugged.
  • two murderers fighting to death
  • I think I'd probably make a documentary - I can't get enough of the history documentaries on the BBC or History channel! There's loads of free ones here too for those interested!
  • Science Fiction based on what may realistically happen as we co-exist with technology and AI.
  • I would make it about pone of the novels I have written. I would probably start with "1933" The Case Of The Demon Ragtop". I drew illustrations for it that show people in 1933 clothing, in 1933 cars, One carries a 1933 Tokarev Russian army pistol.

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