• Potato like it hot.
  • Two more potato island and back to the potato. Lol -:)
  • Gone with the Potato: a story of love lost during the Irish famine.
    • Linda Joy
      I love it!
    • Creamcrackered
  • Shawpotato Redemption The story of a friendship between a bad potato and a bad turnip in the prison kitchen.
  • Potato flew over the cuckoo`s nest. They would try to get it.
  • Greased Potato
  • Monty Python and the Holy Potato.
    • mushroom
      Your mother was a potato and your father smelt of hash browns!
    • Azlotto
      Well, they do like eating at Waffle House.
    • Linda Joy
      Scattered smothered and covered!
    • Azlotto
      Lol...I don't know if you remember me, but, hello : )
    • Linda Joy
      ok are you quoting lines now or asking me if I remember you? lol Of course I remember you! You're from Kentucky, you like beer? you lost your virginity leaning against a dog house and you cheated on someone. Your first question (I think) was on New Year's Eve about cooking a piece of meat that turned out well and you do vegetarian one week on one week off. You like much of the same music I do and you gave me a hug not long after I first got here when 3 people in my life died in a row. That's all I can remember off the top of my head. Hello! ;-) Your turn! What do you remember about me?
    • Azlotto
      Wow! You have have an exceptional memory. About you: You are a little older than me. You're single. You like helping people...sorry, that's about all I got for now.
    • Linda Joy
      Older than you? I thought we were about the same age. I'm 58 1/2.
  • Here are the Sean Connery 007 films about potatoes! Potato Only Lives Twice; Dr. Potato; From Potato With Love; Potatofinger; Potatoes Are Forever
  • Potatoes At Tiffany; The Nutty Potato; Potatorella; The Potato Job; Superpotato; Wonder Potato
  • cant think of one
  • Potato III
  • As Potato As It Gets.
  • Carry On Potatoing.
  • Seems Like Old Potato
  • They Call Me Mister Potato!
    • Linda Joy
      Robo Potato!
  • The Color Of Potato, Blame It On Potato, Used Potatoes, History of The Potato Part I, Potatoes From Hell, Chatterpotato, Savage Potato, The Naked Potato, John Potato, Darker Than Potato, A Boy & His Potato, Good Morning and Good Potato, Potato Art, Year Of The Potato
  • 2001 Potato Oddessey.
  • Potato
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      The sequel, Potato 2, wasn't as good, but not nearly as bad as Potato 3-D or Potato: the Revenge.
    • mushroom
      A Hard Day's Potato, Potato!, Magical Mystery Potato, Potato Submarine, Let Potato Be.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I was always preferred Herman's Vermins to the Weavils. I'm into Potato Good; Mrs. Hash-Brown, You've Got a Lovely Potato; Can't you Hear My Potato; I'm Potato VIII, I Am; and, let's not forget A Potato to Avoid. There were a lot of formidable hits, even if the music was mostly just empty carbohydrates, with little nutritional value.
    • Linda Joy
      Potatoes are not empty carbs! They are very nutritious! A person can live indefinitely on milk potatoes and oatmeal! But y'all had me laughing on this one! Thanks!
    • mushroom
      Well, this post asked for film titles. So here goes again: The Love Potato, Potato Rides Again, Potato Goes to Monte Carlo, Potato Goes Bananas, Potato Fully Loaded. Watch the calorie count on that last one.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      LOL. What about Fried Green Potatoes? Rated SPL for solanine poisoning likely. Or... The 40 Year Old Potato? Yuck, no one wants that. Or... The Butterpotato Effect staring the same guy who starred in Dude, Where's My Potato?
    • Linda Joy
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's potato.
  • The King's Potato.
  • "The Potatoes of Navarone" & the sequal "Potato Force From Navarone."
  • "Death by Potato" - 2016 (change 'potato' to 'potato'). 😎
  • Three more, all based on the same original story. "The Potato Samurai" (1954), "The Magnificent Potato" (1960) and "Potato Beyond The Stars" (1980).
    • Creamcrackered
      The Potato Samurai, is a film I'd like to see.
  • angry *potato* the dark*potato* The Shawshank *Potato*

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