• Yes. It's sad but it is also reality. But grade school kids should not know about sex or say they are in a gang at such a young age.
  • I watch the kindergarten class at my tiny Christian school and one of the little girls kissed another girl on the cheek and one of the boys shrieked, "Oh my gosh you're GAY!" Yes, they do know way too much at a young age. I was at least 10 before I learned about anything sex-related.
  • yes i do
  • I think they do know to much. I got one of them. She's not to bad.
  • They sure do. Society is bringing that on. Imagine that a child in kindergarten is expected to know how to read! Really depends tons on the type of parenting as well.
  • Yuppers. Innocence seems to be disappearing at a younger age lately.
  • ROTFLMAO! Know too much! Hah! About sex and drugs maybe, but certainly not about anything of consequence. They are trained sheep.
  • not really. . people think it's inappropriate, but that's what their parents thought about their generation. . times change, an society changes with em. . the definition of what's proper never has and never will be written in stone.
  • They might learn about mature topics before they are old enough to comprhend them, but as far as academics go, they learn too little to late. At least in the United States.
  • Kids today probably are getting LESS than what they used to get historically, with respect to the birds and the bees (I'm assuming this is what your question is aluding to). However, they aren't being taught the responsibilities that go along with that kind of knowledge, nor are they being held accountable for their actions.
  • sexually, no intelectually, yes. girls were married at 11 yrs old all the time now they want people to just stop having sex altogether. the extent of knowledge used to be politics and astology now its managing multi-billion dollar industries.
  • Depends on what your question is really hinting at. Sexual or otherwise. The internet has provided a massive amount of information at a child's finger tip allowing them to see, explore and develop various skill quicker than previous generations. Either be the information relatively good or have a negative impact on the social/mental welfare of the child. Information Overload - Wiki topic.

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