• Nothing. Let her handle it.
  • nothing....she is your girlfriend..not your wife..she has chosen to continue dating you and not date him..leave it alone..if his behavior becomes extreme she should take out a order of protection, but it doesnt seem to be there yet..leave it alone
  • you know how a dog marks his territory by peeing on, say, a fire hydrant? i'd be tempted to sit down with the guy, buy him a coca-cola, tell him that you've been dating the girl for the past X months and you want to keep dating her and you'd appreciate it if he could begin looking someplace else for dates, because the two of you have an exclusive relationship. if my dog doesn't mark the territory, other dogs'll move in. keep it all respectful and help in re-directing his love interests ...
  • She needs to be more forceful with this person herself. What happens if you are not around and he approaches her? She has to stand on her own two feet and tell this person to stop asking her out or she will no longer speak to him, also she needs to inform him that if he continues to pester her she will seek a protection order against him.
  • Well first she needs to say "stop asking me, the answer is no".... If all she says is no in a soft nonthreatening way, than he's going to keep on trying. Maybe she likes the attention? She wants you involved? Maybe she wants to see 2 guys fight for her? If she says no and means it, and tells the guy to stop bugging her and he still does, thats where you come in and say, "look, she doesn't want to be bothered, leave her alone"..
  • Well she needs to tell him to stop asking what ever you do don't bring it up because she doesn't want to know that your pike jealous because that could leadbto fight don't fight the guy just talk. To him it may be hard but become friends
  • If she's getting her point across in a firm serious manner and he's still bugging, tell him to screw off or he'll get his balls kicked in lol.
  • She needs to stop it. If she would let the guy know she means NO, he would back off I'm sure. She might be trying to get you jealous!
  • Let her handle it, sort of. Give her some pointers, and help her for real if she wants it.
  • In this day and age, women want to handle problems like these on therir own. But if she asks for your help, then I would get some of your biggest friends and pay this guy a social call.
  • Tell her to be firm with him so he knows beyond the shadow of a doubt she means NO, or tell her to tell him she will get a restraining order.
  • tel him to get lost
  • just tell him to stop asking her

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