• Worst physical pain I've had was dislocated shoulders, they hurt pretty bad... +3
  • I have had an abcess...hurts like hell, dont want another but have also had 2 children and I would do that again
  • Total sinus blockage, where the entire head feels like one big throbbing toothache.
  • Total Hysterectomy! Dirty words were said in massive amounts when them CRUEL nurses got me out of bed the next morning. I'd give birth 100 times over than to feel that kind of pain again. +5
  • I had a neuroma on the tip of my toe. That was the most agonizing thing I have ever known. Having a tissue drop on my toe would have me keening and crying in pain. I could not wear shoes. I could not wash it - water on it had me crying, whether it was a shower's force or a still pan of water like for a foot soak. NOTHING could touch that toe. The surgeon ended up flooding the area with anesthesia. He said it was like a charleyhorse or a knot in the main nerve in the toe. One that never relaxed.
  • When i was nine i got hit by a car my head put the windscreen through which was bleeding severly from the deep cut, Chipped ma tooth as i fell to the kirb and in shock didn't realise i was hobbling about with my left knee wripped apart showing a cracked knee cap tissue damage and a totally destroyed pair of my favourite jeans. I was more scared bout what my dad would do when he saw me as i was supposed to be in bed!!!
  • Giving birth hurt like hell........
  • Acid reflecses + terrible strep throat-medication=strep spreads to stomach=OWWWWWWW
  • dry sockets when i got my wisdom teeth out
  • Having a baby by natural child birth.
  • Don't wait for the worst possible pain - take a pain killer. I had an abscess in a past. I had a dull pain but not going away.
  • I strained my knee once. I hit a garbage truck on my bike. It hurt to move it more than a few degrees, for about 2 weeks.
  • I have to say, I have been fairly lucky. I've never had an abcess, or major surgery that inflicted terrible pain on me, or a devastating injury. No wisdom teeth (I am highly evolved) and I've never given birth. However, two particular instances stick out at me as being painful for me. I am prone to migraines and while those are ridiculously painful, they are fleeting in my case and sometimes I am able to work though the pain. Hands-down, the worst pain I've ever had in my life was when the cartilige in my ribcage got inflammed after I had bronchitis last year. Taking a deep breath was almost impossible. When I coughed or sneezed or cried, it felt like someone was driving a dull knife into my chest. It was AWFUL and it lasted for three weeks.
  • Lets see...I have the top three 1) giving birth 2) broke my foot off my leg in a car accident and then sat there for a week with just an ace bandage on it, cuz the stupid hospital said it was sprained...duh. That hurt like hell!! 3) I had an infection in my ear on the inside and swelled so much it looked like I had a cone coming out of one side of my head. My eye went all slanty and my mouth hurt so much.
  • Last May I had a burst appendix that went bad, Four and a half hour operation and 9 days in hospital. It was my own fault I put up with the pain for 3 days until my daughter phoned for an ambulance.
  • There are a few that ive experienced like childbirth,breaking my ankle and the bloody pains i keep getting in my head lol.
  • that's a hard one. I'll list my tops not necessarily in order - beetle crawling around in my ear - sciatica - an ex putting it in the wrong hole very quickly before I could say 'wrong'
  • The only thing I can think of is when you finish fighting, how much the body parts that were struck just throb.
  • Renal colic. So bad that I thought that if this is going to go on indefinitely suicide is an acceptable alternative. But the doctor arrived a mere 40 minutes after I started to writhe and sweat. Of course I didn't know then that the cause was cancer, but the pain of the abdominal surgery was controlled brilliantly. Two whole days of self-administered morphine, followed by paracetamol, and it was a piece of cake.
  • I have had two and I'm surprised you can still type. All I could do is lay there and cry. Good luck!
  • Being raped at eight years old tends to hurt.

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