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  • Acceptable by whom? I might find it acceptable to watch if for no other reason than absurd curiosity. The lesbian might find it acceptable if she's a boob and butt kinda girl. The Transgender might find it acceptable if she isn't becoming a woman because she loves the feeling of being full-o-dick. The state of California might find it acceptable if HeShe was born male and that's what's on his legal documentation. I think there are a lot of variables that need explored.
  • I don't think the lesbian would appreciate it much.. The she male would be into men so ... no I don't think that would work out to well... I am sure there are some couples out there like this but I don't know what they call themselves....
  • Well, speaking as a lesbian myself, I would say no. I'm attracted to females. I'm not interested in nor do I find "male equipment" attractive. And, FYI to anyone who may think otherwise, most lesbians I know (including myself) do not need or use "toys" in the shape of male equipment, either.
  • Thanx God !! I am not Hermof.. or Shemale or Ladyboy .. but a MALE ... no Lesbo business .. Straight .. STRAIGHT SEX ..8-).
  • it is almost perfect per say but there will be some other problems as with all things new

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