• How old is your water heater? rust stains develope in a water heater, when its life is about to end. this happened to my water heater. i noticed stains on my clothes and did not realize what was happening, until we noticed our den floating in water from the broken water heater. Check the date of installation on your water heater. they are normally good for eight years, depending on the make and quality of the heater. Don't wait until you see the rubber duck swimming on your floor. Then, its too late.
  • Thank you for that hint,it will prove useful in the long run! However, we live in a new house. I am beginning to think the spots may be caused by my liquid fabric softener. When I suspected that was the cause I stopped using it in my dark or red loads but I am thinking it must be the residue that's still in the dispenser that is causing the problem. Not sure of this, just guessing.
  • I am trying to find out about this as well. I have tried not using fabric softner (I still don't) my hot water heater is new this year. I have several shirts that can not be worn because of this. I am with you. HELP!

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