• I think so, yes. They were a huge breakthrough group of their time. Very few people have not heard of this group so I say they are legend in the music world.
  • My hand is up....can you see it. Yes, yes, yes!!!!
  • I'm not even a Kiss fan and I say yes.
  • Oh yes, they most certainly should be.
  • I think they should be. They did some great tunes and they were innovatively flamboyant. IMO some of the artists that most belong in the RaRHoF are the Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Cream, Hendrix, Little Richard, Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Buddy Holly.
  • I wasn't really a KISS fan, but I think their longevity and contribution to rock history merits that for sure!!! I think Gene Simmons is great!!
  • I'm not a KISS fan, but they did save Santa so I think they should be
  • I'm not a big Kiss fan, but I think they have earned a place in the Hall of fame. Gene Simmons' tongue should have a spot all to it's own !! :)
  • Give it time. Each hall of famer must meet certain requirements to qualify to be admitted. Time is on their side.
  • Absolutely NO doubt in my mind that they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! <EDIT> I agree 100% with Gene Simmons' statement in that article: "A lot of those guys on the board can go and get my sandwich when I want, and I mean that in the nicest way." WELL PUT, Gene!
  • this is for Beany...
  • I think so. They deserve it.
  • I am not a big KISS fan but absolutely. There is no question of their influence in rock. Actually, I think you have to put Alice Cooper in first. He was one of KISS'S biggest influences and Simmons one time said, "When they say Alice Cooper, he thought what would it be like if there were four Alice Cooper's" Anyway, getting back to KISS, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is a joke. You put Madonna in or a rap group before you put in KISS, Alice, Nugent, Iggy Pop, etc. I just can't get past that. KISS's influence on music is all over the place. If you ask most hard rock bands who are your five biggest influences, KISS is usually one of them. For some reason the Hall, has a problem with hard rock bands. There are very few in. At least this year they got it right and are going to put Metallica in, but in all fairness and no disrespectful, it is crazy they would put in Metallica before KISS and some of the other bands I listed.
  • I don't like them much. But, yes. They belong there. Some really iconic songs and that look.
  • Absolutely.
  • Yes, without a doubt KISS should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I just went through the list of past inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was shocked to see that non-rock and rollers were inducted.
  • they sould own the rock and roll hall of fame

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