• No, only for orgasms.
  • good q.3-yes my happiness depend on others.
  • I think that if you are depending on other people for your own happiness, you probably aren't happy. Happiness comes from within. Life can make it easier for you to be happy (please, lottery lady, please), but money doesn't buy happiness, others can't make you happy. Happiness is your own.
  • Not usually. But sometimes I lose it and when I do, I tend to get stupid like that knowing better. Happiness... Comes from learning to cultivate contentment in one's own heart in knowing that no one outside you can make you happy if you are not already that on your own.
  • no, but they can make me pretty upset sometimes and ruin a good day!
  • For the most part , a person who is alone and lonely is not Happy ... Therefore ; it would stand to reason that we need and depend on others to make us somewhat Happy ...
  • No but they sure can influence and enhance it!
  • Yes, I think I do. I need to be reminded that I have friends or else I feel alone in the world.
  • I have never depended on anyone, I travel my road with all I can carry!
  • In some way, yes, as it's my interaction with others that brings great happiness. But it's up to me to give to others and express myself. Without others, there is only self and selfishness, no empathy and giving, no generosity and love. There really is more happiness in giving than receiving, so in that way, yes, I need others for happiness to happen.
  • I have the good fortune to be naturally happy. I also have the capacity of making other people happy. And if others around me are happy because of me, that makes me even happier. So, yes, on that basis, other people are a very large part of my being happy...and happier. :-)
  • In the sense that I can't be happy when the people who matter to me aren't happy. For example, how can I be happy if my mother is miserable? That sort of thing.
  • no way.
  • Depends what you mean by happiness. Everyone uses other people for happiness, or else we would all be walking around alone, trying to have fun alone. I depend on my friends or the people I'm with to have a good time with, but I don't need a woman to make myself feel good for a relationship.
  • Not really

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