• Do you really need a box to cut a child in half? (I guess you would so you don't make a mess). Do you have to make it yourself? I would think that just about any box that was large enough would do. Appliance boxes could be easily adapted for this purpose. Get one from a dishwasher or a fridge, depending on the sixe of the child. Use a cutting knife and duct tape (hey, you could use the same knife that you plan to use to cut the child). Good luck to you and your child! I can't remember when I've had more fun answering a question!
  • You're right, I haven't laughed this hard in awhile. We have 3 children who are entering a talent show in school. They are magicians, one is going to saw the other in half. It will also be part comedy act. The victim's brother is coming out on crutches with one leg missing. I'm thinking of making the box out of plywood, but now that you mentioned cardboard, I'm thinking foam board (but still not strong enough, dents too easy with the weight of a body). Have any other ideas? We also have to make some type of low table (that has to be plywood) on wheels or come up with a table. They have to be able to set up quickly in front of the audience and reach the top of the box. The box to cut him in half would be on top of the table and would be made to the boy's dimensions so his head and feet stick out. The table should be a little longer than need be, so when he is pulled apart, he won't be on the floor. There has to be some sort of latch on the top cover so when he gets in it the top looks like one piece. The saw will have to be fake or the edges covered with duct tape, any ideas? Fake is better, I think I'm going to have trouble with the school policy here. We want one of his fake legs to fall out before he even cuts him, as a joke. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Two are in fourth grade, the legless one is in second.
  • 12-03-2016 Everybody sort of knows how this is done, so it depends more on showmanship than anything else. One thing I have seen that worked pretty well involved a big sword instead of a saw. The performer flipped it and caught it by the blade. Then he feigned embarrassment as he turned it over. There is a trick where you tie an assistant's foot against his butt and he uses a false leg that can fall off or something. This has a lot of possibilities, and the sillier you do it, the better it works.

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