• They do better than the BANKING industry as we have seen.The government,if it seams,are going into business for themselves,should allocate the bailout money to a fund where the taxpayer is rewarded for having their hard earned money is used.This can be done as a dividend where the taxpayer gets money back.This bailout package will be loaned to the business industry with stipulations,as Obama said,that CEO's cannot earn more than $500,000 per year,if loaned the money.
  • This sounds silly, but I always think of libraries when I think of things the government does well. Local government, of course, but government nonetheless. Where else can almost any community in America reasonably expect to find free (or very cheap) reading and literacy resources, computer access, childhood development, etc.? Especially in our current economic crisis, this is an undervalued service.
  • Waist money
  • Pay their employees a fair and equal wage.
  • Inact laws that effect the rest of the nation.
  • Collect taxes and waste the revenue, Pays 3 men to do one mans job.
  • Manipulate people
  • Prostitution. They are screwing us and we are paying for it. Just like the Bunny Ranch!!
  • 4-16-2017 Kill people. Some people whine about "blue lives matter" but in fact cops kill more civilians than vice versa, and of course the death penalty does not exist without a government.

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