• Definitely! He lived it! He also never lost his memory from the preexistence like we did when we were born. AND he's had more time to study it.
  • probably
  • Maybe. Some people said that the devil wrote the bible. He did it so that good people will wait for Judgement Day instead of fighting evil. If he did write the bible, he surely know it better than you.
    • Wakko
      I don't really give a shit what some people said, people say a lot of things, mostly out their asses.
  • The devil is an intelligent spirit creature that studies us, in order to find our weaknesses (1 Peter 5:8). Satan and the demons lived in heaven and served God for many years, they continued to enter and exit heaven even after they turned against God. According to Revelation 12:9 they were eventually denied access and “hurled down to the earth”. That being said, they have an extensive knowledge of the true God, his purpose, his will and his plans for the future. They witnessed the acts that are written in the Bible, as well as the things unwritten. Satan does not eat, sleep or materialize into a human form. He knows more than us, he believes in Jehovah and respects his power, yet he chooses to rebel (James 2:19, Mat 8:28,29, Lu 4:33,34).
  • I am the Devil. per my ex-wife anyway.
  • He sure does. Some say he wrote the Bible but they have it wrong because God wrote it by divine inspiration.

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