• I think he's trying to make a name for himself.
  • Doesn't he have better things to do?
  • I think it's absolutely ridiculous.
  • 1. I could care less if Michael Phelps smoked some mota. 2. Michael Phelps knows he is a celebrity and should have been more careful. 3. The Sheriff is bound by his duty to uphold the law and if there is evidence a crime was committed in his jurisdiction he would be derilict in that duty to not investigate that crime. 4. No matter if we like the laws that exist, ignoring them is not an option, if they are wrong work to change them, but in the meantime hold no ill will about them being enforced. Those are my thoughts.
  • Well, I think Phelps basically admitted it. I would think that would be proof enough. Anyway, you always get these judges and sheriffs who try to stay in their spotlight - or someone else's - for as long as they can.
  • lol o0o0oo...look out for the big bad sheriff, Phelps! the guy thinks he's freakin Elliot Ness or something :p
  • Ridiculous. Do you think our fine sheriff ever smoked on a doobie?
  • Elected law enforcement officials NEVER pass up a chance to grandstand.
  • I think the judge publically announced that he is going to harrass Phelps and should be removed from the bar for bias reasons. He has violated the law in going after Phelps at all. He is a judge and not a police officer. He needs to be removed from his seat.
  • The photo is from November, a little late Deputy Fife?
  • I think that everyone should be treated equally when they break laws...and that celebrities don't deserve any special considerations. Michael Phelps got off easily for drunk driving earlier. I think he may need a wakeup call
  • It's a waste of taxpayers money and it is a unequal application of the law. If the sherriff does this then he would be required to go after all who smoke weed and are filmed, which BTW would be impossible. Phelps is being singled out as a individual which is unconstitutional due to his celebrity status. Phelps has been punished enough by forfeiture of some sponsors.
  • If he's elected, I'm layin' odds it might be the grandstanding sheriff's last term in office...for threatening to waste taxpayer money and for making the citizens of his community look stupid! He'll claim, of course, that he's just doing his law enforcement job...but the folks usually like it better when the job's done with SOME measure of common sense. Stay tuned!
  • I think it's a poor excuse for that sheriff to get a commition. I'm sure Michael has smoked marijuana plenty of times, but that doesnt effect his swimming conditons. Micheal Phelps is a talented smart guy, for him to smoke weed and be an athlete just proves to us and the government marijuana is NOT harmful! I think the government wants to scare us by using Michael and punishing him severley so they can win the war on drugs. Michael isn't the only one with a picture of him smoking marijuana. Im sure if that's the case, plenty of people would be charged. But the fact that Michael Phelps is a celebrity and has smoked marijuana and proved he can still be an incredible athlete scares the sh*t out of the f*cked up government we have, and they don't want to be proven wrong about marijuana. I'm sure if Micheal was caught with another DUI they wouldn't have made such a big deal out of it.
  • I think we should encourage Fred Phelps to do as much drugs as possible. Peter Tosh "Legalize It" 4:41 3:57 PM 18/11/2009 GAYE BYKERS ON ACID GIT DOWN PROMO :-D
  • The sheriff is laughable to say the least.
  • I think that idiot is jealous. (note: this is the first thing that popped into my mind after reading this question. This answer is not well thought-out due to lack of sleep.) +5

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