• Too bad that isn't a national holiday rather than just a state holiday. He was a great man. I'll reflect on his humor and humility.
  • have sex with my ex gf
  • I think my neighbor is going to burn an American flag. I'll probably watch.
  • He has a day? How did that happen? Is it just for fun, or what?
  • I will have a Gay Pride Parade thank you!
  • you mean Ronald McDonald?
  • To Just kinda remember the best President we ever had to bad we couldnt clone Reagan Oh well let the liberal insults and neg points begin for my opinion lol
  • I'll probably watch the film "SLC Punk!" I haven't seen it in awhile, and it's such an apropos time.
  • watch the movie "Bedtime for Bonzo" with an uzi in my hand.
  • By taking a nap.
  • not recalling that it's taking place. :-)
  • Spend the day wishing we had a leader like him now,we need it.
  • by sitting in my pjs drinking a beer and repeating "he was a good man" once an hour.
  • I won't recall.
  • By re-reading the following passage from "The Clothes Have No Emperor" (p. 159) . . Which cites the book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" by neuroscientist Oliver Sacks and the following passage: ...One highlight is an account of oppositely impaired patients -- aphasiacs who can't understand spoken words, but do take in information from extraverbal cues, and tonal agnostics who understand the actual words, but miss their emotional content -- watching a speech by President Reagan. "It was the grimaces, the gestures, the histrionisms, the false gestures and, above all, the false tones and cadences of the voice," writes Sacks, which caused the word-deaf aphasiacs to laugh hysterically at the Great Communicator, while one agnosiac, relying entirely on the actual words, sat in stony silence, concluding that "he is not cogent...his word-use is improper" and suspecting that "he has something to conceal". "Here then," writes Sacks, "was the paradox of the President's speech. We normals -- aided, doubtless, by our wish to be fooled, were indeed well and truly fooled...and so cunningly was deceptive word-use combined with deceptive tone, that only the brain-damaged remained intact, undeceived." . . Then I'm going to order a copy of "Tear Down This Myth"...;-D.. . . . .
  • Golly gee whiz. I don't know. Lemme think..clean house?Naw..I'm not in the mood. Work in the yard? I don't think so, it's pouring right now. I know, I'll just stay on AB and have a good time. Good old Ronnie would approve of that I'll betcha! Happy Saturday keithold! Ronnie seemed like a jovial kinda guy! :)
  • By eating spam and hamburger helper without the hamburger. Reagans '80s weren't kind to everyone.
  • Locate my old box of Mule Team Borax and stare at for for a while. Borax was the sponsor of Ronald Reagans tv show way back in the 60s.

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