• Take your dog to the vet along with a fresh stool sample. If your dog starts passing a large amount of blood, get to the vet quickly. For the stool sample, make your vet appointment, and then place a fresh stool in a plastic bag or other secure container and refrigerate it until the appointment. If you have to wait more than a day or two for the appointment, wait to collect the sample, but observe the dog's stool in the meantime so you can tell the vet about it.
  • i agree with merry walker...hey i was going to say what she said!!!...:-(
  • Take him to the vet. It could be something serious.
  • Whatever you do, don't sit on it! Find another cleaner place to sit.
  • Call the vet, make on appointment, grab the stool and take it with you.
  • grab poo and go to vet
  • Your dog probably has coccidiosis which is an internal parasite that is easily treated.
  • It may be nothing much, my dogs stools are like that if she manages to find and eat any bones. Get it checked though to be on the safe side.
  • Why is my dog passing mucussy blood and a clear jelly like mucus in stool? So it's blood,clear jelly like substance,and stool in one.
  • Dog has a small infection most likely. Has your dog been wormed recently. Have you made any changes to diet. I would consider taking him to vet to rule out any infection or disease. Seems that the dog may have ate something that does not agree.
  • Sometimes when u change there food they will have this. My dog has had this before I gave him brown rice and veggies till it settled down and that seemed to help. If it continues take it to the vet. Hope that helps.
  • Clean it, quick!
  • It depends on how she is acting. If he/she is lethargic, has a loss of appetite, moving slowly, acting not like himself, not drinking, then a trip to the vet or emergency animal hospital is in order. If he/she just pooped stool with blood and mucous and no other symptoms are present, then it may just be gastroenteritis, a fancy name for an upset stomach. Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than humans and seeing blood in their stool is relatively common but is alarming when the dog owner first sees it. It could be his diet changed too quickly. Another possibility is he ate something he shouldn't have. It could also be an illness. Go by his other symptoms. If it continues feed some 98%fat free canned chicken(white meat) mixed with white rice-they like it made with low salt chicken broth). Feed that instead of its regular chow. Play it by ear and use your instincts.

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