• I find those wars hard to take sides period. It's come to the point where I see them as both guilty. Maybe I just haven't gotten the proper information.
  • It's weird how many are pro palestine on this site- i'm like - what the hell are they thinking?? soon they will be pro taliban if this trend continues.
  • I can't answer for anyone else but i am certainly not pro hamas or anti israel. Yes, i think they way Gaza was handled recently was horrible. I am firmly against any nation bombing the bejesus out of civilians because of conflict with another. Does not make me pro hamas. I find them repugnant too.
  • Being opposed to Israel's tactics does not make someone pro-Hamas. Your question illustrates the blindness that pervades this whole issue. If Hamas has been bombing an area for 8 years, why has Israel not moved the residents to somewhere safer? They get plenty of money from the USA.
  • Yeah, they ignore the Hamas rocket attacks but cry foul when the Israelis retaliate. If the palestinian civilians don't want to get caught in the crossfire they shouldn't let Hamas launch attacks from their neighborhoods.
  • It takes two sides to make war. As an American what I see are two stubbern kids who both want it their way. It has been going on for so long and BOTH sides have done things that only add to the conflict. If either side really wanted peace all they need to do is walk away. Many people have come up with workable plans for joint occupation of the area and neither side will agree. The short answer to your question is I see both sides at fault, and am frankly tired of the same old thing year after year. Why should anyone help if neither side will help themselves?
  • If this is what you perceive I think it is an underdog allegiance. Frankly, many people with opinions know very little about the roots and politics of the conflict. As such, when they see the news and Israel is indiscriminately bombing civilians with a massively disproportionate power, they tend to take an anti-Israel stance. To many, the only way they can rationalize this stance is by being a Hamas apologist.
  • There is alot of information on tv given to us by who? Most of TV is owned by who? Jews? So what does that mean....we are going to hear that the Palastanians started this and started that. I don't think we are hearing the truth. Why? Perphaps they want us to fight their battle. I am a Christian but if you read a book written by a Jew about his own country you will understand what is really going on there. The name of that book is The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Jack Bernstein or his other book My Farewell to Israel, The Thorn in the Mideast. The author is now dead but to me it sounds like he told the real truth.
  • There are a ton of sock puppet accounts out there that spend a good amount of time on AB trying to "drum up" support for Hamas. Just remember that 20 avatars doesn't necessarily mean 20 people. I think there's one or two people who spend a lot of time creating accounts and thumping themselves on the back.
  • I think both sides are ran by stuborn, greedy fools. Hamas thinks it can wipe out israel using a few rockets a day, Israel thinks it can stop rockets by bombing hamas instilations. But a few rockets won't do anything but enrage the isreali peolpe and Hamases instilations are placed in schools,homes and shops so bombing them gives hamas volunteers. They should both listen to their egypytion freinds and talk, make sacrifices,treaties. Because there right next to each other so fighting like this will only lead to a endless war. I do not say death to isreal or death to Palistine but i say death to idiots, wherever they mat be
  • The whole world is only watching the zionist-controlled media cartels information about the conflict: Zionism is like Disneyland, and Islam is evil. Question: Who did created & financed HAMAS to operate? When performing researchs always follow the money to the highest level. You will be surprised. :) My 2 cents.
  • Spoken like a true Ringgt Wing Nut: everything has to be pro this and against that. Nothing can ever be in the middle. For your information, dear Dense Lady, disagreeing with Israel's policies is NOT being anti-Israel, it simply is that: disagreeing. Disagreeing with Israel also doesn't automatically make anybody Pro-Hamas but if does, so what? Why don't you put your brain where your mouth is and do some research and you'd quickly find out that the land (all of it) where Israel now sits was the Palestinian homeland, taken away from them arbitrarily by the UN, US and UK in 1947 and given the Jews. For the past 61 years, Isael - by now the 3rd most powerful nation in the world, a rogue nuclear nation thanks to your taxpayers and mine which the US dishes out to Israel at the tune of 2.3 billion per year - has been enslaving, posessing & massacring the Palestinian people. They have imprisoned 1.5 human beings in their own land under conditions worst than those they themselves endured from the Nazis in Germany. Israel has been committing genocide and Apartheid on the Palestinians for 61 years and they have to be stopped! Israel has become the evil it Nazi Germany was! Well done! . . . . This is the true face of Israel. This is what the world objects too!
  • I back Israel 1000% and believe the hamas to be complete evil and terrorist and thing we should help Israel take them completely off the face of the earth. Now I will get reported for saying that as it being racist.
  • The big thing Isreal is doing wrong is the amount of force they use. When forced to attack an enemy one should do so with such force and brutality that future generations will fear thier reprisal.
  • First of all, many people online blogging and such can have racist views, be aware of that. Second, NO I am not saying everyone who disagrees with Israel is racist, I am just saying many can be, especially since you don't know who is actually typing it. Third, I live in Israel and I think both sides are wrong. They both abuse each other, they both kill each other and they both use a lot of propaganda. Yes, Sderot gets bombed all the time, but a few people die a year, compared to 100 of Palestinians in a few days when the Israelis retaliate. If you ask me, both positions are completely fanatical and will never give up, just so they can call the land theirs alone, which to me is idiotic, wouldn't you rather have peace than fight to the death over everything freakin thing? Of course, the US is no better, just in a different way, so I have my own countries problems to worry about. The fanatics here who are religious are the patriotic fanatics we have in the US. Both are the cause of many of the problems, because too much pride in one's own beliefs inevitably leads to arrogance and intolerant behavior of others.
  • i dont know a lot of people on here seem to hate the isreals for no good reason and keep standing up for/feeling sorry for thoses dam dirty arabs.
  • who really cares!...neither of them want peace, if I had my way I would put a bloody big fence around the lot of them and let them punch the shit out of each other until there was a winner, and then warn the winner any more crap out of them and they will be taken out as well. I am not pro Israel or pro Hamas.. I think they are both fuckwits for having a fight over religion and if you think its not over religion then your as thick as they are
  • Why don't you give Palestine back? I am against terrorism and the way they deal with things, but my grand father in law got kicked out of his house in Jerusalem to make place for jews coming from russia! Even they, most israeli jews don't look like they come from or even belong there. How is that right? And do most Christians in the US know what trauma the jews imposed on Palestinians, I don't think so, if only they knew the real thruth from what happened in the forties and even fifties, they would stand against it as I do. You are no victims, you brought it up upon yourselves :( Now seems to be the right price to pay, I wish you could find peace but after the terror attacks on Lebanon, brave people, God bless their souls against such terrorist attacks, and being a trenemdous threat to the entire Middle-East.
  • If you want to see terrorism, start with Israel. There's the true terrorist! Genocide, Apartheid, theft, bombs, lies and more lies - they stop at nothing! They have become the Nazis of this century and if that makes me anti-Israel and pro-Hamas, that's all well and done. I'll rather be the latter than the former And, so that you know, since you're brainwashed and ill-informed, during those 8 years, 167 Israelis have been killed, yes, you read correctly ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN - according to the Israel Defense Ministry. Now, how many innocent women and children were killed during the Gaza strikes in Dec. & Jan.? Remember, that was only 22 days - yes, TWENTY TWO DAYS not EIGHT YEARS. Remember the number? No? May I refresh your failing memory by reminding you that it was 1,400 - yes, that's right ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED versus ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN. Yet, the world has no right denouncing them for the bloody criminal that they are, right?

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