• Coincidentally I just logged off this site and when I googled something I am getting exactly the same thing on every site, which I've never had before. I don't know whether it is safe to go any further now.
  • Do you all have AVG? I'm getting the same thing. I wonder if AVG has a glitch, or if everyone is getting some fast moving virus? I just checked the AVG search engine and it works fine. I wonder if Google has a glitch, or if AVG is trying to increase traffic on their search engine?
  • It just started today for me...everything I try to google does this.
  • Wow. I have been using google all morning and it was just fine til now. I have Norton antivirus if that helps any. I will keep you posted.
  • I have avg too, that is letting you know that they may be certain links on the page that you click on may have a virus on it, there will be a warning sign above the website and a red triangle it doesn't mean that they all have virus's
  • I think Google has a problem with their anti malware system. It appears to be reporting everything as malware. Not sure why as yet. I will post more if I get to the bottom of it. For amusement google 'google' :) EDIT The diagnostic page is down so it would indicate something has gone seriously awry. Might be a server crash somewhere, dunno yet. EDIT: All down to human error apparently.
  • Seems to be a server error. Not sure though what the exact problem is but seems to be lasting a while.
  • These pages are generated by Google and they have nothing to do with what anti-virus program you have.
  • CONTINUATION OF MY QUESTION/GRIPE: I don't mind a malware just bugs the p*ss outta me now that I can't get anywhere with their link that's supposed to tell me about any problems with a given site and that there is no link to continue where I want to go. Which means I've got to jump through an extra hoop by cutting and pasting the link into my browser, I suppose.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with your anti virus program. I run Norton and just got the same notice that you and everyone else is getting, all of a sudden. I think someone has hacked into their site and has done some messing around, it might be a good place to avoid until they get it sorted out.
  • I do not have AVG - and I get it. As said elsewhere, it's almost certainly a Google problem - nothing to do with your PC Maybe Google has been hacked. Or perhaps all is not well with everyone in Happy Valley
  • Kewl, I've got an easy five points for you: I just posted a question on exactly this thing AFTER doing a thorough search to see if anyone else had already done so. So now I've got TWO irritating things going on today!
  • Whew! And I thought it was just my computer acting strangely again. Thank you for posting this question. I think something went wrong with Google. Fortunately it seems everything is back to normal again.
  • you too, huh?
  • Mine too! What the hell?! Oh, it works now, yayy!
  • I have been getting it on a few sites too when I google but I never had the nerve to open those sites after i read it. It does not come on all the sites only a few and unfortunately it comes on the the links I think will give me the best info. :(
  • Tis a google problem alright. Same happened to me.
  • That happens to me, too. Most of the time I just visit the site anyway, and I've never had any problems from doing that. You still might want to run a virus scan afterwards just in case.
  • Yes, I am pretty pissed off about it. My carefully designed website does everything on the server side except for the javascript provided by Google to display maps, and comes up as a site that might harm your computer. I thought it was a scam by Google to get webmasters to mess about with their wretched web tools. Curiously, if you look at Google with Firefox or Opera running under linux the message does not come up. I only found out about the problem because my wife still hasn't made the jump to linux, and she asked me about it.
  • mine only does it when i entered a particular search term. - but it has stopped now . Hmmm.. interesting
  • I just used Google to look up something and did not get this message. I am using Firefox.
  • I don't have any idea. I'm just here to give points. :)
  • "StopBadware and Google have been getting a lot of bad press from both bloggers and mainstream media outlets (such as CIO magazine) lately for flagging sites as containing malicious software when in fact these sites are harmless. The people at StopBadware are unsympathetic and various posts in their forum illustrate the fact that they do not consider themselves responsible for their actions. Hopefully this article will reach someone at Google and spark a change for the better. For those of you who are here for the first time, AdwareReport provides independent testing and reviews of many anti-spyware products and have been helping people solve their spyware-related problems since early 2004. We've broken a number of stories about spyware and rogue software scams, and most recently, we were the first site to educate people about the flooder.ake bug saving many many Grisoft AVG users from having to reformat their computers. Sometimes we've lost a lot of money in the process of helping people (breaking the flooder.ake problem ran up several thousands dollars in advertising costs), but overall the site makes a small profit, allowing me to work from home. This is really important for my family, as my young son is a heart transplant recipient and requires his mother or I to be around at all times, in case of a sudden rejection or other medical problem. StopBadware's "false positive" has put us in serious financial distress. This site is expensive to run, and I am now forced to consider the possibility of shutting it down. How StopBadware Is Screwing the Internet In late November, StopBadware flagged our site as one that "hosts or distributes badware". This resulted in the following: Our website traffic has dropped by over over 70% In late November, we were ranking in the top 10 for over 50 terms on Google ... today we rank for only 4. We lost our DMOZ listing, which is a serious blow to our future on the web." "Why We Were Blacklisted We can't say exactly why StopBadware blacklisted us, because they haven't bothered to share this data with us. However, the guys at Siteadvisor did help us pin down an old archived page that contained an iframe redirect. This is an encrypted javascript snippet that embeds a hidden iframe on a page. This frame redirected visitors to a Russian malware site. I won't put the code here - if you are really interested, look up "" on SiteAdvisor and you can see it there. The important thing to know about this is that we didn't put it there - it was injected by someone else through a server vulnerability that we've since closed. Furthermore, only a handful of people ever visited this page (fewer than 20). It might have been fair if Google issued the warning only for this page, but they didn't. They issued the warning for every page on our site. We used to get thousands of visitors daily from Google. Today we average 30. In other words, if you, the webmaster of your site happen to get victimized by a hacker, then you will also be severely punished by Google/StopBadware on top of it. Fair? " Source and further information:
  • Computers are designed to warn you of any malfunctions by producing sounds or overheating, among other signs.
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