• Well my friend has severe anxiety. But she was told by her prescriber she can take no more than 2 a day. Some days Xanax will help her other days it won't
  • Not more than prescribed. They are very habit forming.
  • I would talk to a doctor about other anxiety medications first as Xanax is highly addictive. Ask about Lexapro, which has fewer side-effects than some other anxiety/depression medications. To answer your question though, I was prescribed 1/2 to 2 tablets (.25 mg tablets) a day if needed for anxiety. The maximum daily dose is listed as 6 tablets. I am not a doctor though and I strongly urge you to find a physician before taking anything.
  • Drugs can have side effects and if you have anxiety you certainly dont want to experience those side effects! so just take the dose prescibed. It may be that that drug is not very affective for you. Sometimes the drugs work and other times they dont. I had anxiety and It took me 6 months go get over it. I attended support groups and talked about it with others and slowly got better. I had bad days though and still get bad days now but if I get them now I dont take any notice and put them behind me.

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