• I don't think its the drugs so much as the lifestyle that comes with drug addiction and abuse. But an interesting point nonetheless, I know what you mean I know junkies with terrible skin, but I don't think you can use that as a way of determining if someone is a junky.
  • Meth will screw your face up... Usually you can tell a meth addict by their anxious, jumpy...involuntary wobbling, and twitching...and GO GO GO lifestyle. You can always tell a tweeky by their crater face and cheek bones pretuding through their skin.
  • Meth, coke, speed over a period of time will make you look older than what you are and it will make you face look skinny and sunk in around your mouth. Someone on these drugs also have a funny movement with there mouth and body.
  • Meth definitely causes sores on the face. Plus, most people on it hallucinate that bugs are crawling on them so they pick at their skin.
  • Crystal Meth is definitely the worst drug for screwing your face up... Coke is also bad as it erodes your septum...
  • I think sweating and not bathing gives you acne. Stimulants speed up your heart rate i.e. sweat. I'm 40, been smokin everything for 20 years, mainly crack, but meth and heroin too. I have no acne scars, and all my teeth are in my head. I bathe every 4-5 hours, and brush my teeth at least every 2 hours, when i"m on a "run". I've been up for a week before. You "grab" your mind with a steel grip, and don't let go, you gotta realize that some of the stuff you are seeing is NOT real, just ignore it, and it will go away.

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