• haha I talk to myself....I love to read the bible aloud when I'm alone also...It's just something I do..But I guess that's not really talking to myself
  • If I KNOW the person, I might ask, "are you talking to me?" or "Who ya talking to?" Yes, I talk to myself on occasion, sometimes out loud...sometimes in my head. Usually if I'm trying to figure something out, or plan something I need to do.
  • You mean talk out loud to self? No I don’t. But I do talk to myself all the time in my mind. I don’t know what to say to someone who talks to themselves out loud.
  • Yes, I have talked to myself on more than one occasion. If someone is talking to themself, I don't say anything- you wouldn't interupt a conversation with two people, why would you with one?
  • I ask them who are you talking to or just answer them if I know the answer. Yes, I talk to myself all the time. I do it at work alot but since I have been here for 3 years they are use to it know.
  • Yeah, when im writing i talk to myself. I kind of speak about whats on my mind. It helps with new ideas... I guess it's not really talking.. Just mumbling really
  • Maybe they arn't talking to themselves? I talk to my rabbit friend Harvey Ha!
  • Do you hear voices...Are you alone in there (knocking on head)...
  • YES frequently and my excuse is " that I am the only person intelligent enough to give me the answer i WANT to hear" That is my excuse and I am sticking to it whatever I told myself a few minutes ago
  • Intelligent people talk to themselves.
  • Yes I do and it drives hubby crazy when he asks me,"what did you say?" and I tell him that I'm not talking to him...tho we are the only ones there. OOps I just noticed I neglected to answer the first part of the question: I wouldn't say's not polite to interrupt someone when they are talking.
  • I say "Hi honey. I'm home."
  • I don't say anything to them. It's rude to interrupt! Yes, I talk to myself often.
  • I usually don't say anything to them, unless I think they are talking to me. I don't talk to myself in public.
  • I don't say anything to them. Heck I am always talking to myself. I am in a math class right now, and I will talk myself through the problem. Ha ha...and just remind myself to do something.
  • I talk to myself all the time! I don't care what anyone says -___- I normally don't tell anyone or let them see me talk to myself though......
  • I practice conversations. There, I admitted it. Is that the same as talking to yourself? I'll just say my side of the way I expect the conversation to go out loud. Usually, only when I'm driving by myself.
  • I don't say anything to someone who is obviously talking to themselves. I do talk to myself, but only when I'm alone, or THINK I'm alone.
  • I OFTEN HEAR MY HUSBAND TALK TO HIMSELF BUT HE SAYS HE doesn"t hear himself.I says it's the street drugs he uses.

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