• Look into EFT or tapping emotional release
  • men can definitely change. it just depends on if you really want that or not. im going through this problem now. my ex and i used to fight about little things all the time. sadly to say i lost my fiancee over her disbelief in me being able to change the way i like to argue with her. but to tell you the truth, i would have done it till i was blue in the face. it depends on how much the person that needs to change cares about you. if they really love you anything is possible.
  • yes, they can. it has to be in the mans will to change first, then not change back
  • Sure they may need someone to talk to about their pain and work on there self love a bit - but don't most of us need that in certain situations,I have needed help at times
  • I know this personally, i didn't realize how i was treating my girlfriend till she left me, then i saw how i wasn't the best bf =o( but i changed and now i am like the sweetest guy ever, lol so it can happen, but don't force it, fool me once... fool me twice...
  • I believe they are likely to change more so with age and maturity ... I consider the feelings of others as well as my own, much more now I am older/wiser
  • I have many times. Not sure if you are referring to any speficic change or type of change, "but" any man can change just as any woman can from a painful traumatic emotional experience. The "BUT" comes in these areas: - How much motivation they have to change - How much they actually want to grow and move forward in their personal growth. - Whether they have realized that the "pay offs" they were getting from the repetitive patterns were not nearly as good and good feeling as what they can have if they drop the behavior and adopt new, more productive "ways."
  • I can't speak for other men, but I always eventually fall back into my old ways because that's the kind of guy I am.
  • A good question. I'm not really sure how men process emotional pain or just what kind of emotional pain - you don't give details. But is possible they could soothe that pain by comforting themselves in whatever ways they are accustomed to doing so - which would not be changing at all. Men - or women - certainly can change but takes effort and work and getting out of one's comfort zone and they have to want that change. I don't think our lives should depend on men changing - better we learn to appreciate what is good about them as they are rather than thinking somehow they have to change.

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