• Hell no!
  • No (not in any country if it was only me who decided this).
  • Drugs are legally available - drugs like Aspirin can be bought over the counter, drugs like Vicodin can be acquired with a prescription. If the question is: should substances which not only cripple the health and judgment of normal people, but toxify the surrounding environment - and have no proven, substantial medical benefit - be legally available in the United States? The answer is a resounding NO.
  • Uh-Uh! we have enough twisted people.
  • Arent they already? (alcohol, nicotine, various other rx meds). I dont think that crack, heroin, cocaine, or any other dangerous drug that causes peoples' lives to downwardly spiral should be legal. Marijuana should be legal and available in the U.S. It wouldnt affect me at all.
  • No, unlike what some people think it would only lead to more drugs around kids.
  • There is one reason to legalize drugs that are now illegal and that is to kill black market profits which fund a variety of fun and interesting projects from middle east terrorism to african insurgencies. Marijuana has a number of uses other than to get someone in the mood for a twinkie. It deserves to get rid of the onus put on it by huge paper corporations in the 1920s (who feared that if hemp became available, logging forests would fall out of favor). I don't favor any kind of home brewed mess called a "drug". Crystal meth is terribly dangerous to residents who live near labs; actually it is driving real estate values down in certain areas. Should it be legal? No. However, what other way is there to stop the meth labs and to get the drug away from places young people go? As far as heroin and cocaine/crack - all bad for lots of people. But those two drugs take in huge amounts of money for terrorism organizations. If they weren't illegal, that money would not fund terrorism. Is there a clear answer? As with most things, no.
  • You'd think NO...but if drugs were legal it would solve a lot of being crime reduction..
  • I don't do drugs (hence my username) but I think at least some illegal drugs should be legalized. The reduction in violent deaths from illegal drug trafficking and overdoses from drugs of unknown quality as well as gang related deaths due to drug "territory" would all be reduced. Clearly there are some who will do drugs wether they are illegal or not. I wouldn't expect any substantial increase in the use of drugs. Look at how many people DON'T smoke cigarettes as a result of education. Those who engage in self destructing behavior will do so regardless of wether it is illegal or not. I have never heard anyone say that the reason they don't do drugs is because they are illegal. I would not legalize meth but having less destructive drugs legalized would likely reduce the use of meth saving even more lives. I personally think people who use drugs are stupid but it's their right to be stupid as long as they don't hurt anyone else. The drug war has been an abysmal failure and I honestly believe legalizing certain drugs would save lives and reduce crime tremendously as well as open up prison space for people who really need to be there rather than putting some stupid kid in there who got caught with a little pot or possession of some minor amount of cocaine. The fact that they put people in with dangerous criminals for possession of a drug when they are basically non violent only puts them in a situation where they learn more criminal and violent behavior and they come out of prison as hardened criminals when they were likely non violent before entering the system. Mine may not be a popular opinion but The drug war isn't working and people are dying and our crime rate is excessively high because of it. Being a libertarian I don't care what a person does with their life so long as their activities don't infringe on my rights.
  • you need to be more specific before i can answer that question right - if you are talking about prescription drug then they are already legal
  • Pharmaceutical drugs should definitely be legal - aren't they?

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