• Someone left a cardboard box next to a bin, and so the police taped off half of the store that I use to work in, after the fuss was over and they had taken an hour to conclude that YES it was a box, my boss thought it was so ridiculous, she took another one and replaced it.
  • This happened in 1973. I was in the Gauhati University at that time. My father was passing through Gauhati on his way to Kohima from Calcutta and had asked me to meet him at Gauhati Airport. I got stuck on the road and by the time I reached the airport with my roommate on his motorcycle the Viscount twin propeller aircraft in which my father was traveling was almost ready to take off. All passengers had already boarded. Seeing me through the window my father came to the door of the plane and asked the workman removing the steps to handover a parcel to me. He just waved and the doors of the plane was shut. The parcel contained Chocolates and Cookies.
  • hi mrs c --- good morning to you! when i firsrt got my leg braces, my wife and i decided to get away for a few days, and in going through security, i light up almost alarm around, which was funny in light of the fact of told them they were on. i took them off one at a time, and when finished, someone took one of them for a further look and left me sitting there with only brace ----- what the heck ---- it took them 15 minutes to track it down. my wife was horrified, i thought it was funny
  • was that last wednesday? cause that was my husband :O
  • Oh, Mrs. Cleaver , I can't believe I did this!!!!!! On a dare when Scott flew back from Texas years ago my best friend dared me to pick him up at the airport in "Drag".Well of course I did. I went to the airport dolled right up. Security came out . He took one look at me and stated laughing. My friend and I went to the gate to pick Scott up and as all the people were coming down the ramp I started yelling his name and waving. The look on his face was hilarious. He tried to pretend he didn't know us.I used to be much braver when I was younger. I should e-mail you the pictures.
  • I once changed my clothes in the ladies room........
  • I took my dog Chase (he is a wire haired dachshund) on the plane over the summer. At the time he was almost 5 months old. Well we had about a 3 hour layover in ATL. He had to go potty and decided to lift his legs and pee on this ladies foot. Thank God she loves dogs. Then he had to really go potty and decided to go potty on the runway. Where i met a wonderful person who held my dog and comforted him while i cleaned up after him.
  • I was "de-planed" at the Atlanta airport and was forced to spend the night at the gate sprawled on the floor because the seats had armrests for each chair. It was midnight and the next flight to philly was at 7:30am. Ugh it was horrible but my own fault. The terminal I was in was deserted the entire night, I saw a janitor and that was it. Weird. Was pretty spooky actually. Oh well, again my own stupid fault...
  • No, but I know a certain Congressman that does!!
  • I once saw someone walking towards their newly arrived partner with a Yard and a Half of toilet paper on the heel of their shoe!
  • I spent the night in a closed Love Field Airport with only the safety lights on. I went into the Ladies and the only other person in the Airport was sleeping on the area next to the sinks. It was very eerie until 6,00am when the cleaning staff turned up.

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