• I was born and brought up in Yorkshire, which is in north-east England. I moved to Somerset in south-west England when I was 31, and moved to Lanzarote, which is one of the Spanish-owned Canary Islands, 60 miles off the west coast of Africa, ten years ago.
  • I've lived in 2 different countries: Canada, where we lived in Ontario and British Columbia. The US, where I've only lived in California.
  • I've only ever lived in the U.S. I was born in Virginia, and my family moved to Missouri when I was 3 1/2.
  • Let's see. Chesapeake, Virginia; Sussex, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Corfu, Greece; Los Angeles, California, Glendora, CA, Pomona, CA; Venice, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Saint Paul, MN; Virginia Beach, VA; Boston, MA in that order.
  • I have lived in Kansas my whole life. When i was 14 my mom passed away and long story short my aunt kicked me out of the house and made me go live with my cousin in Washington State. But now i am back in Kansas :0) So just 2 states
  • Two states - New York & California
  • 9 US States & 7 other countries: New Jersey Pennsylvania New York Rhode Island Virginia South Carolina North Carolina Florida Illinois Canada Mexico Belize Norway UK Bahrein Thailand
  • New York, Florida, Texas, Delaware, Virginia, England and Japan.
  • In the USA, I have lived in Illinois, Colorado and Tennessee.

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