• not strict enough, what if you kill a child
  • NOT strict enough
  • They are fine as they are. I like how they now use that device that doesn't let your car start if it detects alcohol in it for people with multiple DUI charges.
  • I think they need to be more strict, get those incosiderate selfish morons off the streets.
  • they won't be strict enough untill zero persons are killed in reason of alcohol
  • They are way too strict, it's all about they money they can ream people for. They use a few fatal crashes to go way overboard on everyone else. In most states the legal limit is .08 which is a joke. People who speed, tailgate, talk on phones, and eat while driving are more of a threat to us than drinkers. If they don't want people to drink and drive why are parking lots allowed at bars or alcohol sold at sporting events? The authorities don't care about the so-called threat to society. Most people who drink drive carefully and responsibly. You're more apt to get struck by lightning than killed by a drunk driver. No different than the ridiculous marajuana laws in this country.

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