• Find out whether you can kill it or not!
  • Is it breathing? Does it have a pulse? Those are 2 very good indicators of life.
  • If you want to be serious, check if it has a pulse or is it breathing. If you want to be stupid or funny, [somehow], poke it with a stick.
  • If it is feeding, growing, and reproducing, it is alive.
  • They breathe, move, reproduce, eat, and have sensations.
  • Living things are made of cells, obtain and use energy, develop and grow, the ability to reproduce, ability to respond and adapt to their environment.
  • animal-if it's breathing it's a good bet that it's alive vegetable-if it is green or relatively pliable (dormant)and not brittle it's probably alive
  • We were taught MRSGREN - to live an organism must exhibit the following characteristics in some way or another. Movement - e.g. towards positive stimuli, food etc Respiration - not necessarily aerobically Sensitivity - it's processes of life can be affected by external factors and it will respond as such Growth - usually larger in size, but can include changes on the cellular level Reproduction - either the production of offspring or the creation of new cells Excrete - removal of waste products Nutritional needs - the processes to sustain life require sources of energy derived from external environment The problem is that 'life' is such a hard to define state of being, and the world being so diverse as it is, often you can find exceptions if you look really, really hard, but most of these will be encompassed within the above seven characteristics if you think a bit laterally.
  • ChrisDG has the correct answer. Life is not as simple as we may think, there are many forms of life that don't fall into the breathing/heartbeat category.
  • Well if it doesn't bite,hit or scratch me or make noise when I poke it then I am sure it must be dead.
  • Apart from other good answers, if you have time , by waiting to see if it multiplies in number (and mating before that, if animal).
  • If it consumes and disperses energy.
  • if it has the spirit
  • what expriments would you do
  • Maybe it has something to do with awareness; every single thing is aware of itself in some way or another. Even atoms are aware of other atoms, in which case they are also aware of themselves. We, obviously, also are aware of ourselves and each other.
  • I prefer the old... Poke it with a stick scientific hypothesis. *Unless its a bear in the winter. That's usually just a given...
  • Poke it with a stick.
  • For my safety, I keep walking or driving. 😁

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