• what r u saying?in my india nothing is big than parent.i heared that old parent is useless for children in usa and they live in old homes.we do not work anything without ask to our parent.we are proud for it.if any mother do illiegal sex than her daughter do it sure.u can watch usa society.myself i didnot sit in front of my parent till now.
  • The parents are the living Gods and we bound to look after them. Because they provided every thing by sacrificing their desires and they strived for our prosperous. It is our pious obligation of every person to stay with parents and look after their needs personally till their demise.This concept is previling in India. So the people in India stay with their parents until their late thirties.
  • Because they respect and revere their parents, and elders in general.
  • again u r wrong not until their thirties but throught their life. coz they are not parents they are god and god is everything . from the chilhood till our marriges they sacrifice evrything their food their life their exitement their tears just for their children and they are not just god more than that ''!''
  • Not just in India, but also in Mexico and other cultures. In many cultures a home contains a multi-generational extended family. Also it is unlikely that a an individual or a married couple will have the means to purchase their own home, car(s), etc. until their thirties.
  • It takes such a long time for their parents to arrange their marriages.
  • Not everyone does. Typically, it is the eldest son that stays with his parents, and his wife and children also live there. Large homes with extended families are very common. It is very much less common for all the children to have left the home. Daughters usually stay with their parents until they marry. Those that go to work often stay in PG (paid guest) facilities limited to females only. It is the social duty of the children (specifically sons, as daughters are seen to be part of their husband's family and care for their in-laws) to care for their parents, just as their parents cared for them.
  • Thats because Indians have lot of love and affection for their parents.They are emotionally attached,coz they learn this since their chilhood..
  • Love and affection system of Indian people is very strong.This is going for ages.The people of India can't swallow the idea of letting their siblings go away from them.
  • In India young people stay with their parents until their late thirtees. Beause it is conveneint. Once people are in their forties their parents will be retired and aging so the parents stay with their children. Its a cyclical sort of arrangement. Parents taking care of children and children taking care of parents. It works quite well. It is called the joint family system. People of upto 4 generations staying together under one roof. The eldest and the youngest generations get taken care off by the two generations in the middle.

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