• make flashcards. it helped me a lot
  • make the time, dont worry and dont be scared to ask answerbag can be excellent for finding out things you dont know
  • rewriting out my notes really helps me.. and definitely ANSWERBAG! lots of people will be willing to help :)
  • Set aside a certain amount of time for studying and make sure you stick to it. Sometimes we rush study and that achieves very little. Also, it is easy to overdo it and study too long which, equally, achieves nothing. A couple of hours is a good timespan. Also, make sure you have a light snack or sandwich beforehand. Being hungry will be a hindrance and being too full will make you sluggish and sleepy.
  • Depending on the type of material being covered, I used some or all of the following techniques. Flash cards, writing and rewriting notes, arranging my notes in an outline as if I was going to speak on the subject and having another quiz me on the topic(s). The most important thing is to leave time for studying. If you rush, you will be stressed and this will be counterproductive.
  • hmm.. 1-go and do all ur thinkings when its finished go start studying . 2-like every 2ages u study repeat them with urself . it worked for me now i have A+
  • turn computer off... stay away. that will be very efficient.
  • explore the back part of your books for the glossary, quizes, bibliography, read the last chapter first. once you find interest in a given topic your mind will love to help you study and remember. When we just repeat out loud while we read anything, the words, Isnt that interesting. or... My, that is really interesting. Just saying the words, helps you realize that yes, it is really interesting. Also, It takes ten times to make your mind believe that you really want to learn something. Like memorizing a poem, or a list of the chapters in the book, or the definitions of new words.
  • I like to make flashcards and study those 5 at a time until I really know them, or I write out notes and study them out loud in a quiet room with no distractions. I learned these study tips from my tutor at Confident Student. If my tips don't work for you, they have numerous other helpful hits for studying. You can check out their website for more help!
  • Dont give a shit about all that planning bullshit i hear all the time, just study by doing your homework and reading your text, do not write study notes they are stupid and useless for me. When finished studying all of the courses and you have nothing major to do re do your homework, to make it more efficient. If you worry about how much time your gonna be studying and when and all that bullshit then your not gonna be comfortable believe me. Dont act smart, be modest and most of all give it your best in tests.

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