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  • I have been told that it is uncomfortable for a second or two when they remove it, but I just had mine removed after nearly 2 and a half years, because I felt a change with it and could feel it. I am not entirely sure if it is meant to hang halfway out of the cervix but it had seemed to lodge there. When they tried the first time to remove it, it was hurting so they stopped and gave me panadol, nurofen and brought in the laughing gas. I was sucking on that stuff like crazy and they tried again. Unfortunately I was not laughing. It was excruciating and I screamed the hospital down. It apparently ripped up my cervix and I am still bleeding. This was done 5 days ago. I need to go back to my doctor for test results as they took swabs to see if there was an infection from the coil. I do not believe there was tho. I will definately ask the doctor if I do have another one put in, can they knock me out to have it removed 5 years down the track. Before the coil moved, I found it great, next to no periods, or extremely light periods that only lasted no more than 2 days. Also because I am left with no other option for contraception as I am allergic to latex and the pill and even had a very bad side affect from the depo provera. It apparently should not be so painful for most people, but I am one of those where if it can happen to someone it will happen to me. lol. However if they can't knock me out next time I have told hubby he is going in for the snip!

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