• To the mountains
  • The best vacations I've had have been total relaxation. However, that can mean a variety of things. I love to go to ocean where friends work with marine creatures and spend time working with animals or learning. I also love to go new places and eat and see new things. I like high end resorts - nice, but I don't think I could sit still in one for more than a day or two. As far as sleeping under the stars.... I used to camp a lot. I love it, but as one gets older, camping is hard on the bones. Take a good look at the photo in link - that is what I think of an African Safari under the stars....
  • Probably to a cabin in the mountains, I used to do that all the time.
  • We go to a cabin in the "mountains" for 1 week every year. Just me and the hubby. The hustle and bustle stuff is ok for a day or two, but we much prefer the nature and QUIET!!
  • African safari by far. I've always wanted to experience the wild like that.
  • I'd prefer the mountain cabin, but nonetheless I'd go to Africa. That's a chance in a lifetime experience. The mountains, I can easily swing for myself.
  • An African Safari trip, and with wild animals present, as I photograph them from a Safari jeep. I like wild animals, so that will definitely be an experience for me.

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