• A dishwasher. The one Ihave is 62 years old. Maybe one about 21 blonde hair nice figure. Mr Bill
  • Take out the carpet and put in hardwood floors in the living room.........Then buy a nice rug to compliment the furniture................Will you finance it for me?
  • New upholstery for the two big wing chairs in the sitting area of our bedroom. Love the chairs, but they've sat in sunlight and the cats have romped around on them. The upholstery on one is ratty, and it won't be long before the other one is similar.
  • New mattresses, a new flat screen tv, a new dresser, and a new dishwasher! One that doesn't leave my dishes looking worse than when I put them in.
  • new windows. i got a fairly old place and new windows would greatly reduce the utilty bills in both the extream summer and winter months
  • an addition
  • More blinds,so I can have some privacy from all the animals who like to watch me at night.:p A new stand-by generator,for all the power outages we go through each year.(4-5 annually,Imagine no power during the winter,-10 degrees and no heat,no lights,no water...WEEEEEEEEEEee) A new pile of wood for my projects(I am running low this winter,,down to 1500 feet of barn siding...hehe)
  • Carpeting/flooring for the entire main floor and upper floor.
  • The living room needs carpet, so does the upstairs, we need to paint the living room and the kitchen, new corner molding for the floors downstairs, new light fixtures (hallway and over dining room table) and new tub & tile in the bathroom upstairs. Oh and a new fence for sure, this one is getting sooo dry rotted. We need a lot of work, its just old walls and carpet (we just put in new tile in the bathrooms, kitchen and dining room) and needs to be touched up is all. Oh and I'd love new window treatments but... I'd take new carpet and a coat of paint right now LOL.
  • i'm staying with my parents for now. so it would be nice if their house moved out of the 60's. shag carpeting? sigh.
  • For someone to buy it, so I can buy a small house for me and my daughter!!!
  • a new living room suite bedroom suite another bathroom
  • a bathroom upstairs and new counter tops in the kitchen! :)
  • we need a kitchen, and when we do it it gonna be stailess steel ,granit the works cant wait
  • I like to get rid of this carpeting and put in hardwood or laminate floors. But, I don't need to spend that kind of money now because of the economy. I'm worried about putting in hardwood because I have a labrador retriever and a golden retriever -- I'm worried about scratches. Anyway, that's what I'd like.

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