• sounds about right
  • I really hope there is more to me than my environment. I'm looking around, and I am not impressed by what I am seeing here.
  • yes indeed. I have also heard that the things you hate in other people are the what you are really hate in yourself.
  • Interesting but isn't it also a reflection of the influence of other's in our lives too? Is our environment purely of our own making?
  • Yes, but not 100%. We can only control ourselves and our reactions to others. We cannot control the affects that others bring into our lives entirely.
  • Yes I have heard it. I feel the meaning and appreciate. Hey Rick!!
  • You mean as in "we reap what we sow?" No, I've never heard the one you quoted...but if you are what you eat, you reap what you sow! Happy Monday! :) ((hugs))
  • I've never heard that quote. I think my environment is not really a reflection of myself. If it were true, I'd be terribly cold and snowy. I like to think that I'm more warm and sunny (with intermittent tornadoes :D).
  • Couldn't disagree more. All of those philosophies sound great and are very warm and fuzzie but none of that works in the real world
  • Very true. Life is what you make of it. There is always something good to find in life. Life it self is a beautiful thing. If you want something in life, you just got to go get it.
  • For the most part yes. Our friends are often a reflection of who we are. But sometimes we find ourselves in environments that are contradictory to who we are. If we stay there then we can become that environment. We have to understand who we are and decide if we are that environment or if we are somethng else. An example would be struggling siblings, you can't control how they live or even that you are related. They will always be a part of your life, you just have to decide how much they will be a part of your life. The same holds true for a partner who changes . . . are you going to follow their path or create your own.
  • In most cases, I agree.
  • Never heard the saying, but is very true for the most part...speaking about mankind in general. I can only control my own little piece of the environment.(so to speak)but, UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of people could care less about their environment. It's like they don't get it.

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