• that happened to me a few weeks ago! but look, it works both ways. smile!
  • well i gave ya 3 points to make up for it- the person is probably some fartbag who doesnt like what u said once. it happens to me a lot- i have a lot of fights on here cause i say the wrong thing. dont worry bout it- i dont think it hurts ur totals anyway
  • You can report this through the Feedback link at the bottom of your profile page or e-mail
  • i gave you 3 too sweetie..i HATE that, its so horrible and spitful isnt it. :O)
  • ya,thet is rong! well the frendli-kakashi will gev u 2 points free. not alot,but can help du :). I hop thet make u feel better.:)
  • ok not as much as 40 but yes you got many in a roll I went through and uprated all of them +6 so that should counter the troll activity. If you keep getting them in bunches like that contact the staff through feedback and let them know as they can find out who is doing it and discipline them.
  • trolls!!! you gotta hate em... +5
  • Because people suck. But hey, you're cute and they're probably really ugly.
  • getting downrated on this site is a sure sign you are doing something right!
  • I counted 15, but it's OBVIOUSLY a trolling event. Take a screen shot of the DR'd questions, which shows all the minus two DR's. Save this in a file. This is YOUR record you can use to support your complaint. Submit a feedback to the staff or post the events as a blog comment. (post the links to the questions, too). You can contact a Community Leader as well, who can intercede for you with the AB staff. If you report this kind of behavior, they can find out who did it and send them a cease and desist email...penalty box him...or ban him. Whatever they decide to do.
  • You are not the only one, there are many who permanently get the same thing, it is not about offending someone. It is simply that someone chose you as a target for unhealthy attitudes. Go to your profile, click on "feedback" at the end of the page, send AB/Administration and email and enclose a snap shot of the pages with problems. They will handle it as soon as they can. Don't ever mention or ask questions about them, ignore them if you don't feed them they will starve.

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