• I thought it was fake until I saw it. Science minded guy that I am, I even stopped to check if it was urine.
  • No, it's the same as seminal fluid and it comes from the paraurethral glands. In most women these are fairly rudimentary, but in women who have been exposed to high levels of testosterone in early fetal life and have had high levels of testosterone both during puberty and in adult life these glands can develop to a very considerable degree and some women will ejaculate at orgasm just like a male.
  • Honey, I assure you it is real and it is amazing.
  • Sometimes its real.
  • -------------i havetasted it before it not pee at alll
  • It happens to me some times and i dont like it but my husband does ive asked him not too cos it makes me feel eikky.... i feel really uncomfortable about it. it is real i always thought it was piss but now im not so sure but i do know that it still makes me uncomfortable about it.... i wish it didn't happen to me!!!!!
  • Very real I just hate the fact of changing the sheets before sleeping
  • it is possible.....i experienced it one time....i never thought that i could happen, but, it did.........take care....brian....
  • It is real, I have had both in my mouth and on me.
  • its real.. my girlfriend squirts everytime when she is in extreme pleasure..
  • Female ejaculation is real. I know I do. When I first started out. I felt that need to pee. What you can do is make sure you go to the bathroom before having sex. Its not peeing believe me. Your orgasms are out of this world. Go to The have a upclose video of what the female looks like when she squirts. Just relax..Again go to Helped me.
  • there is a difference. Different liquids, from different holes
  • that shits the best give your girl a back shot and watch the action shake shake squirt shake contraction shake fall over shake lol clean up what more could you ask for and no way for her to fake all that

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