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  • No, I would not. Love is more than money. In fact, love has NOTHING to do with money. Just because bad fortune has befallen him, I would not leave him. I would show him how much I love him, by staying by his side and supporting him(emotionally, and financially if he needed it).
  • money isnt everything = i would try to be supportive if they are activly seeking work well thats one thing...if they are sponging and being a bum then thats another
  • No way!!!!!
  • Isn't marriage, "for better or worse"? A lot of people are having a tough time, strugging, losing jobs and just tring to make things work. If I had a partner, I would want him to support me if something like this happened, and if he lost his job, I'd do whatever I could to make things work. You have to pull together and hold each other up in your time of need.
  • no luckily my man hasn't left me i had an awesome paying job then in September everyone got laid off. and where we live nobody is hiring. and i'm on a waiting list for jobs at my college.
  • Money isn't everything, however , the LOVE has to be strong enough to survive the stress of NO MONEY.
  • Either way I wouldn't leave him, but if this is causing financial hardship and he's not really trying I'd give him a swift kick up the behind. If he's really trying and it's just not working, try talking to him about it, if he's looking for something specific and he's not finding the work, maybe he should start to broaden his search and look elsewhere too, at least temporarily to bring in some cash flow while he's still looking for what it is he wants to do.
  • Hell no my hubby is not working at the moment and I love it I have a job where I need help at times and hes there plus my job can support us both .
  • Not at all. This isn't even close to the kind of thing I'd leave someone over. I'd rather be with someone who had no job, but was nice and happy than be with someone who had a job that made him miserable and grouchy. I talked my s/o into quitting a job for that reason.
  • Been there...done that....took care of him. Even helped pay his child support. As soon as he got a job he moved out while I was at work. Hahahaha....boys are great!!!!!
  • No! That's when the meaning of love is real.
  • I am not in a relationship but if I were..I would not leave them over a job or lack of. :)
  • Job? If he used the last paper plate he'd be history............too
  • i would leave him...but it is not just because of the money. if the guy is not motivated and has no strong visions or goals in life, i'd be very, very concerned. i need to be with someone inspired by life, hardworking and an active member of society. if he can't find work and is volunteering instead or staring his own business or doing freelance or SOMETHING...then i'd consider staying, yes. unless he has an illness...he should work and help provide. even if he can't do the job he desires, he can do something else. as long as he has a desire to be alive and lively.
  • He did, I didn't.
  • Women don't need that good of a reason.
  • HELL NO, but that can REALLY get frustrating. Encourage him to go to a temp agency and bite the bullet for minimum wage with crap jobs. The important thing to remember is to establish yourself as a reliable, non crazy person. That's why people don't get hired immediately for anything. There are a lot of unemployed whackjobs! And keep doing the TEMP thing until he finds a job with the wage / salary he wants! In a good economy, it can take up to six months working short term jobs. It's how I found my job and I love it.
  • No I wouldnt leave him, but I would think after two months you really arent trying to find a job, I would work at McDonalds, if thats what it takes to get through the tough time.

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