• Oh, Trish, I'm sorry. You've got to get her and her pups to a vet. She may have an infection that can be caught and stopped with a shot of anti-biotics. The pups need to be taken off of her teats, lest they get the infection through her milk...which they may already have. They will have to be taken to the vet and given shots, as well. You will have to keep them off of her, bind her so the pups can't get to her teats and begin bottle feeding them every two hours around the clock, making certain that after they eat, you stick your finger in their mouths, turn them sort of upside down and shake them once to force kind of a burp. Then, you'll need to take a warm washcloth to their little bellies and they will pee...that's what their Mom does with her warm tongue. Good ain't gonna be easy. The pups' Mom will be real sad and will cry a lot without her kids. You may well lose one or all of them. I've been there. Out of eight, including the Mother, I saved the Mother and only three pups. Again, good like...I hope you have someone who can help.
  • you need to bring her to the vet and they will let you know whats going on

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