• aaarrrgh yes! I hate when on the rare occasion I actually have to go to a mall or something and it seems liek the slow waklers, shuffling along like the living dead or grazing cattle always seem to walk side by side and block the whole aisle oblivious to everyone stuck behind them trying to get by....very frustrating and yes I have contemplated punching them in the back of the head!
  • Not quite that, but I once accidentally(?) hit a bipedal sloth in the back of its leg(s?) with the bottom of a shopping cart that I was using. :)
  • I used to till I realized they just got even slower
  • lol yes.
  • Lol do I ever. I'm pretty tall so I can walk faster than most people, and it pisses me off when people are taking their sweet time not getting out of my way. Hell even when they do get out, it's too slow, I got things to do, I'm in a hurry, MOOOOOVE lmao. But I guess I can't really get angry at people for this, I mean, not their fault they piss me off. Still, I often wish I had a snowplow to go to the mall with. I like going to the mall and screwing around, but I'm not ever in anyone's way, so I don't get it. I mean it's a big place, freakin' move your slow ass lol. I'm swearing about it and saying dumbass stuff here, but for real I'm more than civil, I don't see why it's ever reciprocated. Or goddamn slow moving people on the sidewalk, walking next to each other and taking up all the room, argh does that ever piss me off. It's a hell of a lot faster to just go around them and step in mud, grass or street then to wait for them to engage in; A) Surprise at my oh so sweet "Excuse me, get the fuck out of my way please, thank you." (I don't actually say that, but in my head it's quite clear.) B) The action to cease walking. C) Huddling and awkwardly stepping aside to let you through. If you can't display a more efficient means of conveniently allowing people to use the damn sidewalk for what it's for, find a park, or walk behind one another. I should NOT have to be making rants on Answerbag about this. Also, as an unrelated note, I bloody hate it when all the smokers go out of the mall and stand RIGHT IN FRONT of the mall doors and people can't get out, or in. WTF. I'm a smoker, and I go on a bench or by the wall, out of the way, so what the hell are people's problems? And that's not even when it's raining or snowing! Imagine it then. If you can't hack the weather, GO HOME, those fake plastic plants from Zellers will still be there on a warmer day. Or like when they all stand and congregate by the ashtray, and won't let you through to go butt out your smoke. But really, my entire rant is so illegitimate, it's a free country isn't it. But people just think they own the ground they walk on or something. People in wheelchairs are usually like, a million times more civil and polite than everyone else. Maybe they feel awkward, or bad, I sure as hell would never rag on them, but everyone else should take an example of them.
  • Yes but even more so when driving!
  • No, just my sister.
  • No, it's too much trouble carrying a ladder around with me. How about lower!? Haa!
  • No. I walked extremely slowly when I broke my took about 6 weeks to heal. So no..been there, done that. If someone is walking slow they may be in pain. Happy Monday! :)
  • No, but I do fantasize about building a series of tunnels for people who know where we're going so we can just scramble around under the dawdlers. :)
  • When situation demands and still such people are continue with their slow attitude,I would love to kick them!
  • Nah, I prefer a good dry hump.
  • No. I usually push them out of the way and that satisfies my need to take action
  • If I have, I don't remember. That's such a futile thing to get angry over.
  • They irritate me the most.If they walk slow why don't they walk to a side rather than covering the entire path?
  • not punch them, but I'd like to give em a push!
  • Not walkers but drivers Yes
  • depends.. if its a old person or a person in pain. then i wouldn't If a person just walking slow, and in my way. ill do a kung fu kick on them. lols nah im joking. i woudlnt be knocking there heads out, but ill be like.. move you *****.
  • Or the ones who get on the moving sidewalks and stand there like its a damn ride. Or the ones who park their shopping carts sideways in the aisle at the store. Or the ones with the line of Traffic behind them and wont move over. The list goes on and on but you need to practice restraint or we'd be fighting all the time. If thats the case we all Might as well move to the Middle East.
  • Sometimes I wonder what's going on in their minds. Are they killing time? Are they barely aware of their surroundings? Do they not care/understand that there are people behind them?
  • I'd like to have a loud alarm that would warn them that a fast walker is coming up from behind them and to kindly move to the right to allow this fast walker to pass safely.
  • I attend a smallish school with a large student body (roughly 11,000, way more than we're supposed to hold) so I encounter this problem frequently. When you enter through the main doors, it almost immediately branches off into two corridors. One runs perpendicular and leads to the cafeteria on one end, classes on the other. The second corridor leads directly to the library. Time and time again, groups of friends huddle in the intersection yakking about all kinds of crap while hundreds of people are trying to squeeze by. It's like four-mile traffic jam, held up by some squirrels who are sharing seeds and nuts in the middle of the road. Even more irritating is the couple who is walking down the hallway hand-in-hand, but far enough apart so that there's no way you can squeeze past them. They're so busy staring lovingly into each other's eyes that they're oblivious to the rest of the world. I want to rip their hands apart and bulldoze through. To answer your question more specifically, no, I don't want to punch them. I'd rather shove them, hard. If they were walking faster, they'd stumble but be able to catch themselves. At the pace these slow people walk at, they'd trip over their own feet and crash to the floor. Lesson learned?

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