• This is going to seem dumb but try it and it might work. Live below your means. That's all there is to it. I used to make about 10k/year at Radio Shack then I was hired by DHS and now make over 50k but I try as hard as I can to live as I did before I got my massive pay increase. The result is gross surplus income that I split between my 401-k and my checking account so I have access when I need it. I'm not saying go out and work for the fed gov't (though that's the best type of job right now) but if you apply the same logic to whatever your income level is then you'll see increases in no time. Maybe not billions but you'll definitely grow cash. Tips: you don't need name brand food and you really don't need to have a big breakfast, big lunch, and big dinner. A can of potato soup with pepper and sourdough bread is a great dinner that costs less than $3.00. Before you buy something see if you can get it cheaper from the internet (ebay and craigslist are usually very safe) wait a month or two until video games show up at ebgames/gamestop so you can save huge on "previously owned" versions. Don't buy stupid shit. Whatever it is, think "is this really worth it?" know that sounds dumb but why spend $300 on a telescope because you want to see Saturn(I did that and returned it because I saw it and was like 'now what')? I also spent $60 on Fallout 3 then found out I liked COD4 better. I was having a shit day and thought it would make me feel better. Easy little stuff like that cal help you save a ton of cash. By the way, even though I make over 50K, I still drive a beat up 97 Ford Escort with bald tires and a very mild fuel leak (still over 35mpg). No car payment to drain my income by $200+/mo. Hope that helps you a bit.
  • Try 'penniless'
  • What makes you think it's that easy?
  • If there's a site that charges $100,000, then it's worth it!

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