• receiving the love and compassion from others, simply put.
  • Watching helpless people being killed in Gaza. I cried so much over that.
  • My conscience.
  • My relgion.
  • I guess what fuels compassion is being able to project one's self into another person's shoes and relate to how it would feel to be going through what they are going through. It is not at all unusual for me to tear up while watching the evening news on TV.
  • The love in my heart
  • I have no compassion to fuel, even Satan wouldn't wanna posses me. But seriously I'm not sure, whenever I feel compassionate or feel the need to help someone or at least genuinely sympathize, I don't think about what makes it happen much. But because I'm such a pessimist, I'm guessing these things begin within oneself at first, and wouldn't happen if it didn't preserve one's personal sense of worth, or whatever purpose this may have in a world where the law of the jungle may very well apply to the entirety of human existence. :/
  • Being a 'rescuer' I have had many times of expressing compassion.It has an effect on me,like being on a Ferris wheel and coming down the far side,the joy of the ride. The compassion comes from passion and deep feelings for the other person,those that suffer needlessly in their lives.If I can help,I do.If I can't help,I ask if I can assist any other way,perhaps to contact someone for them or just be friendly towards them during their time of suffering. Hope this answers your question. Ken
  • My eyesight?! ;-)
  • Anything at all to do with children. Very often adults are the cause of their travails..children, on the other hand, rarely are. Happy Monday! :)
  • being able to now help children at the rehab hospital
  • I've just read through 11 answers. I also read your comment on one of them that said: << Love, understanding, perspective and compassion can work together not only for the betterment of all but it fosters wisdom as well. >> Any and all of the 11 answers work. Each "fuels compassion". For me, the answer is something like this: I believe during our time on the planet, we're each traveling a path .. learning how to become more fully human. We have free will every given moment. We make choices. For light or dark. I think dualities exist and we have the capacity to see, know, feel .. to the extent and degree that we choose to be "awake" vs dormant as time goes by. If we are, then we can make those choices and gain experience .. knowledge .. and see around us, an amazing range of diverse people who are making their own set of choices in each moment. Each of us unique! Now .. how do you know joy if you don't know sorrow? How do your hone your spirit if it's not been tested by any flames? In the midst of those words about love, understanding, knowledge and compassion? I think there's also something going on re: what I'll call balance. If things seem out of balance .. within myself .. or in a society .. then I'm FUELED to participate vs observe. I choose that. Inbalance .. (unfairness, often) can fuel more of those choices .. to try to affect change. Having compassion is a way of being. The fuel is one's own DESIRE to use it .. to bring more balance and justice and love and understanding into the world. Having compassion is a way of being.
  • What fuels my compassion is, the individualism, of common people who pay know attention to themselves, but blindly care for complete strangers in need. I wittnessed a homeless man try to revive a well off man who apparently collapsed. The homeless man tried to help the man the best he could until the ambulance showed up. He asked for nothing, but kindly asked for the time of day so he would not have to stand in line at salvation army soup line, and it was through this selfless act that I gained hope for compassion of our fellow man
  • Islam!
  • Young children, really old people, and people with an IQ which doesn't allow them to function without help. Because often it seems, these are the people who are hurt/used/abused by others, and that infuriates me and makes me want to seriously hurt their abusers.
  • Good friends! ^_^ And could you help me with something, please? BEN DAN -Yang guizi COAT says your better at this than he is. I need help with with sending emails. I receive them but can't send any myself. I get this pop up page that wants me to type in letters and numbers for ex:"Ryt73lu". The problem is I can't get the blank or space to work where you type in the that stuff. I keep clicking on it, but get nothing. What should I do? Thanks!

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