• No. Because everyone would just be taking the place of someone else who was walking west.
  • No, I don't think it would effect the planets rotation, but it might help solve the world's problem of overpopulation as everyone got to the coast. (lol)
  • Bring it on!!! I'll start east to west... tell me your coordinates, and I figure mine for the correct projectory : )
  • Well, many of them could. Some would end up in the oceans. But it sure wouldn't be enough to change the rotation or the speed of the earth's rotation. The Earth spins at 1000 mph at the equator.
  • It would stop the earth's rotation for a second but it would start up again so rapidly that we would all fall flat on our faces.
  • the Earth rotates towards the east Wouldn't walking East be more likely to change the direction? otherwise you're just walking in the direction of the earth goes anyway. In any case it's not going to change the rotation of the earth. The earth spins at 1000 mph at the equator. If it was to stop anything not fastened down would go flying at 1000 mph.

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