• Sorry Chris, but nothing you post can do that.
  • Problem is this - And the uber problem is that both your article and my article are science texts. I don't think anyone will ever be able to convince the other about this. Not in my lifetime, anyway.
  • What you mean you cannot see me in the centre of that dancing away.:)
  • Some scientists have siad that somewhere out-there, there is someone just like you, living on a planet just like ours!... and to be honest, i beleive that.
  • I'm sorry... I'm just too egocentric to admit that. Nothing will ever convince me.
  • Oh my friend I never needed convincing - I simply do not care what position I set within the universe. I sit back and laugh at what people find to argue about. Reminds me of two old fools betting on which mug of beer a fly will land on first. I find space fascinating and mystical and full of wonders but lack the understanding of what purpose of knowing what is out there that has honestly physically helped anyone here on earth. Sure it is cool but it to me is like jumping to another puzzle without finishing the one we have sitting in front of us. So much here on Earth to figure out but yet we look to the stars.
  • I know the Earth isn't the center of the Universe! ...Me, on the other hand...
  • No that I ever thought I was...but I'm sure I'm a speck in there somewhere.
  • We appreciate you trying to help out these close minded religious folks, but seriously, it's not gonna happen lol.
  • Not any more convinced than before, but I was already convinced when I watched Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" series many many years ago. This is a an interesting article, though! Thank you for linking it.
  • I'm glad you are letting these people know they cannot be the center of the universe since clearly I AM!
  • ive never really thought we were at the center. wheres the true center of an infinite universe? but sure. it convinced me. i am impressionable.
  • I always knew that I am only a tiny speck of minerals in the universe.... thanks, Chris!
  • no:) lol just article.
  • Finally? I thought I was the center of everything till shortly after I was born. Boy, did reality ever cure that fantasy quick.
  • So what does that change. It has no ego does it. I am still the center of my universe!
  • Planet Earth is nowhere near the center of our Solar System. Our Solar System is nowhere near the center of the Milky Way. Why would anybody assume the Milky Way to be the center of the universe? To be honest, I wasn't even aware there WAS such a theory. Hopefully, your link will provide more detail?
  • No. Technically speaking, we *are* at the center of the universe. Strictly speaking, I am the center of the universe. The big bang was the creation of the universe; not just stuff in the universe... the three spatial dimensions and time also originated at this singularity. So if you go far back in time to this singularity, all points converge to the single point of the big bang. Now, *I* am the center of the universe since all observable information has taken the lifetime of the universe to reach me, the observer. In whatever direction I look into space I will only be able to see up to a fixed radius of about 46 billion light years. Thereby, I am at the center of the observable universe. Since this viewpoint doesn't change for anyone else making measurements and is within their own measured uncertainty, I am the centre of the universe.
  • i think everywhere is the center of the universe.

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