• 1. Phoenix Mars Lander We are exploring Mars, perhaps to land there.
  • I would have to say SpaceX, so much potential there... I think it's the beginning of making space flight more efficient & economical...Unable to get the vid to play though.
  • The Hadron Collider. Potential for lots more discoveries that may benefit mankind.
  • I'm selecting the Large Hadron Collider for its potential to impact the field of science.
  • thanks for the post chris! those were all inspiring and i cant pick just one. my top 5 are: 1. large hadron collider (i strongly disagree with those that say it doesnt belong on this list, its a colossal effort and my hats off to all those working on this project) 2. chandra xray observatory (incredible supermassive black hole & dark matter/energy data!!!) 3. phoenix mars lander (bringing us one step closer to colonizing mars) 4. spacex (i wanna ride!)5. hannys voorwerp (inexplicably intriguing) in that order.
  • They are all spectacular, fascinating glimpses deeper into our understanding of the universe in which we live. But if I have to pick one that stands head and shoulders above the rest, it's the first exploding supernova being observed. Alicia Soderberg, from Princeton University was using NASA's SWIFT X-RAY satellite observatory to watch a month old supernova decay when another star in the same system exploded. I pick this not just because of how it expanded our knowledge of the phenomenon, but because it was such an incredible piece of serendipity to be able to observe it. If there hadn't been another recent supernova in the same galaxy that we were still photographing as it decayed, we would have never seen the initial explosion. The Cassini flyby of Saturn's moon, Enceladus may prove the most momentous discovery over time. It showed that there is liquid water on the moon. If we send a mission to the moon and discover life on another object right here in this solar system, then it is a safe bet there is life in many other parts of this vast universe. But nothing can beat the dumb luck of watching that supernova as it occurred.

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