• Either mosturizing lotion or some type of exfoliating soap.
  • I think alot of us get that in colder months. I too have suffered with dry, itchy skin around my nose and found this method very helpful 1. Use more gentle and mild sopes and cleansers, and only wash your face in warm water. 2. Use a gentle facial scrub to remove any flaky bits. 3 Invest in a good healing product (I used "Lucas's Paw Paw Ointment")and use sparingly when you need to. Hope I helped!
  • Buy a facial scrub, it will remove dead skin , use it regularly it will keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. It does not need to be one of the expensive makes they all work in the same way. Use one for the face, a body scrub could be too abrasive
  • The easiest way to exfoliate is to use warm water and a wash cloth. Just rub that dry skin away.
  • My nose does this to and its a PAIN IN THE BUTT, but heres how I solve it..Buy a very good facial scrub saphoras usually has the best ones you can find. Use it about every other day..and buy yourself a good moisturizer I happen to like Lancome's moisturizers...a scrub and a moisturizer have seemed to help my dry skin nose problem!
  • You'll never believe what I use--"Pretty Hands and Feet". You can find it at drug stores. Make sure your face is "squeaky" clean. Rub some of the "Pretty Hands and Feet" into your hands to get the dead skin off of them, then put about a quarter size dollup on your hands and rub in all over your face-keep your eyes shut, of course, use a little water with it. I've used this for 25 years and LOVE it. Don't OVER DO it though-use once every couple of weeks. It's better than any exfoliator I've tried! Sijka
  • Mine does that but I just take a finger nail to it.
  • Use an exfoliant on your nose and then lots and lots of moiturizer. And, try putting vaseline on it before bed.
  • i froze my noze once while snowmobileing and at first my nose turned slightly black, but what i was told by my grandmother who used to use sleig dogs during the winter as main source of transportation back in the forties, my grandmother told me to wait until the outer layer of skin lifts off of the nose before trying to pull the skin off piece by piece in the process causing your nose to bleed and make unwanted facial scars.
  • i have it too and i dont know what to do, its constantly peeling, and its more noticeable when ive put my foundation over it when putting my makeup on ive tried moisturising, puttin a finger nail to it, givin a good scrub, exfoliationg stuff, nothing works, i think i might see the doctor about it, its onyl started after i got bit by my dog at new year, and i have a scar on the side of my nostril since then, and all over my nose the skin just peels, please help me
  • Buff it with some good quality sand paper
  • i have it as well but ive found that using foundation and powders make it more noticible and bring it out. I have to use foundation because i am in shows but afterwards i wish i hadn't of had to because it starts to peel and i put this itching cream on it. The only problem is you have to reaplly it every 10 hours or so. i really need help because it makes me feel selfconcious. Please help! Thank you x
  • It seems you have dry skin on your nose. Remember to moisturize every day, and exfoliate every other day (including the skin on your nose!) That should solve your prob! :)
  • With sand paper
  • I have this problem too. Big flakes of skin on the side of my nose with slightly red and inflamed skin underneath when i remove the flakes. I have found though that by simply rubbing a wet alum crystal on the area twice a day completely cleared it up. Its not a permanent solution because if I stop using the crystal for a few days the problem comes back. I dont know if this will work for everyone but its worked fantastically for me. Alum crystals are usually used as natural underarm deodorant... so if you want to get one just search online for alum crystal deodorant. Sounds weird I know but after 10 years of putting up with this problem.. mine has gone away!!
  • The term "Nose to the grindstone" works two ways : )
  • I have the exact same problem, I actually take the tweezers to my scaley, peeling nose. Foundation makes it so much worse looking and I have tried them all! Does anybody have the answers for us???
  • I had same problem and went to Dermatologist who recommended Canestan cream - it worked for me so give it a try.
  • You can make a facial scrub with olive oil and salt or you could use coconut oil and salt. Then moisturize. Don't use soap with sulfate. Use a face soap with moisturizers.

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