• god. there is more empirical evidence of the other.
  • The idea that the earth formed BY ITSELF over billions of years, (with just the right mass, at the exact distance from the sun, traveling at precisely the right speed and with the perfect tilt of it's axis to result in changing seasons), requires far greater CREDULITY, (willingness to believe), than the notion that a creator was involved. However, the Bible gives no indication as to how much time God spent in the creation of the earth and surrounding Universe. Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning",...God created the heavens and the earth. The six creative "days" that are then described involve God's preparation of an ALREADY EXISTING planet for habitation.
  • Faith is not something measured in degrees. More or less faith means you don't have faith. Either you have faith in something or you don't.
  • Whether we ascribe creation to the Big Bang or the Big Boppa, we are still left with explaining one imponderable with another imponderable. If God created the universe, who created God, or why was He here forever? How could that be? If the Big Bang created the universe, why did nothing suddenly explode? What was here for infinite time before time even existed? Why was it here? Ultimately, both lead to a wall beyond which we cannot see. Both require faith to fully embrace. The honest answer is, "I don't know." We are finite creatures trying to explain something that is obviously in the realm of infinity. Our finite minds can't really go into that realm, at least not yet. Albert Einstein, as brilliant as he was, died perplexed by this question.
  • I think it takes more faith to think that a man jumped from the street to the 5th floor than to think he took the stairs.
  • God. (IMHO) But you must admit it's an incredible story either way. And then there's this...
  • God created it and formed it over billions and billions of years.
  • Who cares about how much faith? God created it,it may have taken 7 seconds,days,years,centuries, millinia or billions of years. What does it matter? Why don't you think about this, If God was so so so lonely and created man for company, why would he damn his cherrished/beloved creation to hell to burn for eternity, just because they decided to be a Buddhist instead of christian?
  • It would take faith to believe God created it, we have proof it was formed.
  • I believe in both facts. I believe that the world was formed over billions of years and that God created earth and the universe over billions of years. For God one day and billions of years are the same. Time is not an issue. A Religion teacher told me that the Bible says that the world was formed in 7 days. She said that 7 represents infinity in our religion. That's why the number 7 was chosen... We should just believe that God is soooo big...He is infinite..He is timeless.. We are just a drop in the ocean near Him but still we are precious in His eyes. He is the Creator.. nothing would have happened without Him.
  • I can sort of wrap my brain around the billions and billions of years part, but as for God ?.....that takes a leap of faith.
  • The former, which is why I believe God created it.
  • Why do those have to be two seperate things... THE WORLD FORMED OVER BILLIONS OF BILLIONS OF YEARS to create us, a human race that has the ability to believe or argue the belief in a God. Someone that could create things as large as the stars and the moons and the planets and as small as the little atoms that everything is made up of. How could all of that happen and there be no higher power?

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