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  • No it just means that her hymen has been stretched. You dont actually lose your virginity until you have sex.
  • No, it is not until a penis has entered a vagina a girl has lost her virginity.
  • Technically... if you breach the hymen the female is no longer a virgin... but that's not fair. It should take the act of sexual intercourse to determine this.
  • but i heard you can lose it while horse back riding?
  • not really that points.... if ever she fingered but you dont know if she has a period that time?
  • The only way to lose your virginity is through sexual intercourse. Oral sex, in some peoples minds, is losing your virginity. However, penetration is the only way to "lose your virginity". You can break or stretch the hymen horse-back riding, riding a bike, even running track and jumping the hurdles. But that is just breaking the hymen, not losing your virginity.
  • To no longer be a virgin, you must have sex, as to be a virgin means to never have had sex before. To finger someone does not qualify as having sex with them, so she is still a virgin. Oral sex, either way, does qualify as sex (hence the name 'oral sex') and so technically you could lose your virginity that way. however the phrase "lose your virginity" usually is referring to wether or not a penis has been inserted into the vagina. anal sex also counts.
  • No you havent lost your virginity until you have been sexually active having intercourse
  • Nope because the hymen hasnt broken
  • No. It probably means you scratched her. Be careful, why dontcha?
  • no, she can only lose her virginity through intercourse involving a penis. you probably just broke her hymen, that's all.
  • Duplicate.
  • If your broke the hymen then yes she is no longer (a broken hymen is considered a sign of lost virginity) a virgin. However it is highly possible that your fingernail scratched her or she started her monthlies.
  • No-virginity is lost through penis penetration
  • no. may have broke the hymen tho, which sometimes bleeds when it is broken.
  • The boundary between being and not being a virgin is oh so fine. Typically, you lose your virginity when you have a penis inside you, but surely that's the same as a finger or a cucumber or a vibrator? Or with a partner, when you have fondled each other and had oral sex, but not had penetrative sex, can you really be called a virgin? As I always say, "It's not when the 'virginity' is lost, but the innocence".
  • Loosing your virginity has nothing to do with the hymen. You can finger a girl as much as you want but she still has not had the experience of a penis inside her vagina. Oral sex does NOT count. That's kissing her "body". Loosing you virginity is also a mental thing, that occurs when a penis enters the vagina.
  • i must say to bleed from being fingered the guy must have stong fingers lol
  • UR actual virginity and by this i mean a doctor cheking and telling u that it has been lost can be lost by lots of things like fingering to accidents but for ur " virginity" to be lost through sex there has to be penis penetration
  • One point that has not been mentioned yet is that many young girls that participate in sports will break the hymen tissue early in puberty. Most of the time this happens, not because of the physical activity itself, but only because it's more convenient and less noticeable to use a tampon instead of pads during their monthly period. From the time I was about ten years old I was on YMCA swim teams and junior tennis teams and I would have hated to have to wear the bulky pads so my older sister showed me how to use tampons instead. Sometimes removing a tampon will break the hymen, sometimes not, but either way losing virginity is only by having sex and I wouldn't think fingering would be considered as having sex.
  • you just took care of the hymen. you will still hurt when you have sex because of the stretching of muscles that have not been used.
  • im confused people have told me that u can and people have told u cant if a girl has been fingered but has bled at all does this mean her hymen is still intact??
  • We call that an "everything but" virgin.

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