• Sometimes it is tragic, but I do watch, and it doesnt bother me much. Quite inspirational to see raw nature act as it may, sort of like watching fire, or water.
  • Whether we can stand to watch it or not, or feel sad about it or not, some things we really can't change, more so for animals. And that's the way nature works. It's our perception of it that makes us feel what we feel whenever we watch it. As for humans hurting their own kind, this is the one thing that should make us sad. For instead of helping and supporting, humans at times would kill to get what they want. It breaks my heart on this. This we hope it will change. And deep inside us, we would even want to find ways in order that this wouldn't be the outcome at all.
  • It doesn't bother me too much, except my little sister, she sometimes cries because the gazelle (she thinks it's a deer) gets killed.
  • Its just nature though. I can understand why it would upset you.
  • I know it's nature but I can't stand to watch it. :(
  • I always want to call Peta on the lions...they should be ashamed of themselves!
  • I agree. I cant watch it at all!
  • I was raised on National Geographic, it doesnt bother me to watch it.
  • I feel sad when the lions kill & eat other animals! but the lions must kill & eat 2 survive.
  • Not fussy on violence in people or animals. Like a horror film.
  • Wha'? The trouble with people like you is that you don't really understand nature. It isn't like it is on Disney. It's not sad, it's matter-of-factual. The lions would die. The food chain would be interrupted even to the detriment of the animals they eat. There isn't anything sad about it. Even the water buffalo purposely sacrifice their old to the lions. C'mon. Reality check!
  • I always found it to be a sad thing that animals kill to survive. Living in the wild like me now, puts me in the food chain. I have coyotes, bears and bobcats around here. I had 2 close encounters with black bears now, i'm not sure why they stopped and turned when they charged toward me. The last one was only about 15 feet away.
  • I don't like to see violent things, but it's a part of nature and just one side of their lives. Unless they dwell on it or get real graphic, it's sad but it's a part of understanding all sides of wild things.
  • So do you think they should get their food on a plate? It's nature. Nature can be cruel. But it's worked for them well before me and you came along. I am in awe when watching a lion hunting and killing it's prey. Just as much as I'm in awe when I watch my dog chasing and killing a rabbit. Nature sometimes is awesome.
  • It depends on which perspective the story is being told, if the lion is really hungry then i would be happy, if i was on the preys side i wouldn't like it ;0)
  • I like all except when it comes to pythons and other big snakes killing their prey.
  • I don't like it but I will watch it..It is nature after all.
  • No, but I love seeing a zebra try to DROWN the lion (& then get away)!!
  • Would it make you happy to watch them die of starvation instead?
  • I can't watch it even though I know its the nature of things. I know it is about survival but I can't watch it. I can't watch those hunting shows either where they kill those beautiful elk or deer or anything.
  • Everything in the wild is part of the food chain, and every animal becomes prey at some point. It's a natural chain of events-- but, it's also natural for most humans to be turned off seeing a lion rip into the belly of zebra. After all, the animal that is preyed upon is suffering through enormous pain. Every living creature strives to survive-- that is one trait humans and wildlife both share. When a life is cut short, it does tug at the emotions of the average person. People will drag a beached whale back into the ocean to save it, for crying out loud! Animals kill for survival-- humans who kill & harm are evil.
  • It's the same as watching 2 lawyers fight over a penny.
  • I like watch animals hunt but, not lions there a way too many nature shows about them.
  • no i cant i would vomit if i had the will to watch
  • Yes, lions are predators who need to eat to survive. That's the Circle of Life.
  • Animals, except for a very few, kill only to eat. Remember they have to eat as well. Humans are the main ones who kill for sport and food.

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