• 1. They shouldn't. 2. Yes it is.
  • Indeed it is. The banks had a free license to create money out of nothing. The end limit is when they have sucked the whole of civilisation totally dry of wealth. Its so unsustainable its only a matter of time before everything goes down, and it wont be pretty.
  • Yes it is, check out the real cost of the bailout.
  • Its a win-win situation for the banks and a loser situation AGAIN for the people with loans. Did you expect anything else?
  • Not the grandest. That honor still goes to the U.S. government ~ stolen land and broken treaties.
  • Because we live in a "Do as I say--not as I do" society!!!
  • It certainly ranks right up there with the top ten! I complained to my Congressman about the fact that all those idiot executives were going to get the infamous "golden parachute" instead of the ass-whopping they so richly deserve. He agreed with me, but said that he was outnumbered on the vote. SIGH!
  • Hi Friendo, I will explain what has happened with the 700 billion granted to the FRB for the purchase of toxic assets from US banks. The FRB has not done as agreed, they have handed the money to foreign banks but did not buy the toxic assets which are in the hands of US banks, congress is investigating this issue for further info watch the enclosed videos. There are several others in my YouTube account but I don't know how to give you the access info. To answer your question, apparently we will have to be forever in debt, our tax dollars have been miss used, send abroad and are now lost for good.
  • Yes it is the grandest of all thefts. But what should we do to stop it? The system is crashing anyway. We are going down no matter how much fake money we pour into the hole. Those that are profiting from this should be starved of their ill-gotten means. So, should we not just stop payment on all our obligations now to stem the flow into their pockets? Should we refuse to pay taxes from this point on? Why not? It will make no difference in our lifestyles in the end. It can only hurt the bastards that arranged this debacle. We're done. The bailouts exist only to slow the collapse so these criminals can shuffle their money into devalued tangibles in order to sell them back to us at inflated prices with easy credit -- on their terms. And the cycle will start again. I'm for it. Crash the system now.
  • Sure seems like it!!But the people who got the money should pay alot more taxes straight off the top.And the thing needs to be found out exactly,to see just where the money ended up.And exactly how,and everyone who took part should go to jail.They say it was not illegal,they found loopholes.Stop up the holes#1 just like when the rats get into the potato shed.

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