• The earth rotates once in 24 hours, twice as slowly as the hour hand on a clock, so looking at it that way, it's no wonder we don't notice it moving. You can see it moving exactly this slowly if you look up at the stars at night. If you have a telescope, your telescope has to keep moving (very slowly) to look at the stationary stars. On the other hand standing at the equator you are moving faster than a 1000mph around the center of the earth ... but since the atmosphere and everything else is rotating too, it's difficult to notice the difference, just as it doesn't feel like several hundred miles an hour inside an aeroplane, when everything in the plane is moving with you.
  • Also has to do with momentum. Just as you cannot feel motion or speed after a while in a car or plane, except on a larger scale. Unless outside matter is stationary while you travel (wind in your face, not applicable on a planetary scale save for meteors), you can only percieve accelleration and deceleration. The earth's rotation is pretty constant, slowing ever so slightly over millenia.
  • Because we are stuck on it moving just as fast. If the Earth suddenly stopped, tho... EWWW lookout! We would all be warm, sticky jelly on the nearest sturdy surface to the East of us. SPLATT!!
  • You can see it by watching the motion of the sun and moon. You can't feel it because you are moving at the same speed.
  • all the drugs our parents took way back when +5
  • Astronomers probably do thats probably how we know that it does, but it happens so slowly it cant be see by simply looking up into the sky. A day is 24hrs long and maybe it only wobbles back and forth a few times slowly in that time period or even longer maybe over the course of days weeks or months...not sure

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