• Is she hot?
  • If he or she is working then more money! If not working! there just worthless then.
  • Depends on her circumstances. Is she well? Does she work? Is she newly devorced? Maybe she lost her job. Maybe she got herself in BIG debt. Maybe her parents invited her to stay to help them all out for awhile. Today, most people in my generation have a swinging door on their house. One comes, one leaves. We've had ours come back because they had no choice at the time. We're their parents, this is their home. They don't stay forever, just till their crap goes away. They always pay board. There are a few reasons.
  • If by "still living with her parents" you mean she never moved out, and has always lived with them... then I would wonder if she has some mental problems oe disabilities preventing her from living on her own. Unless of course she's being the caretaker for her parents.
  • Issues.
  • The question is what do I think of the parents. Assuming the 36 year old has no learning or physical disabilities, the parents have done this child no favors by sheltering him/her from the realities of life. I would let my child live at home long enough to get through college, and then that is it. 24, 25 years old? Out!
  • She's a 36-year-old still living with her parents.
  • I'd have to meet her or converse with her at least before I could know what I think of her.
  • That's tragic. She has missed getting a life of her own. She'd best try getting out of there before she's still there at 45 (although if her parents put her name on the deed, she can have the house when they die, if she stays long enough for that. *shrug* Still think it's sad though. Everyone should get a shot at having a life of their own design, independent and self-fulfilling.
  • I think that is fine. Where you live or who you live with doesn't make you more or less. If she lived alone she would just be alone. In earlier times this was not a big deal. Who cares?
  • May I suggest that you compare yourself to no one. Follow your heart. Most great people did not conform to any norm.

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