• For some of the things I handled poorly, beating myself up is a mild description
  • I just let them go, there are some things I still do beat myself up about periodically, but I can't do anything about it. It's better to progress into the future instead of staying in the past.
  • Need to ask yourself what have I learned? And bless it for that reason. We are just here to learn things. Should be happy when we've learned something. The purpose of life is purely to experience and learn. So when you get wound up in what you think are failures/regrets. Remember the whole purpose of this life is to learn.
  • I let them go as there is nothing I can do now about it. But, I've learned some lessons, out of all this.
  • What's the point? I let them go. We're only human after all.
  • I hold on to it for a while, consider it, consider what I could have done, consider what I'll do next time. Then I let it go.
  • I've spent a lot of my time beating myself up, but I've learned that there is a point where you have to realize that the past cannot be changed. It is time to learn from your experiences, move on, and become a better person.
  • I just forget about it and laugh about something funny I have been doing it for so long even when I am suppose to care I dont.
  • I beat myself up, but then I get over it. It takes awhile though.
  • I learn what is supposed to be learned and move on. No beating myself up. I am a human, were eff upps.
  • Do hang on to it for a little while, reflect on better choices I should have made then let it go. I look at it kinda like driving a car; If you are always looking in the rear view can't see what is ahead or where you are going. The choices I make today are what matters and what I plan on doing tomorrow. Yesterday is gone, nothing can change it, I just don't look back.
  • they come back to haunt me every so often, so i beat myself up in short spurts!
  • Thinking about them constantly isn't going to accomplish anything, might as well forget about them
  • I remember them on occasion and beat myself up again and again.
  • I beat myself up instead of letting things go. It would be nice if I could let things go.
  • Guilt is one of the most worthless human emotions on earth. Learn from your mistakes, try to avoid repeating them, and carry on as though you know exactly what you are doing! Beating yourself up over perceived injustices you have done to yourself is pointless. It changes nothing and makes you feel like crap. Let it go and forgive yourself.
  • I usually beat myself up, but I try to learn a lesson from it. I see how I can prevent it from happening again. The way I see it, if you don't learn from it, then it's a regret, and it's lost time. And in this day, people don't like wasting time.
  • All the time, i usually rmain angry for quite some time, then forget about it for some time , untill i remember about the thing, and i start dwelling on it again. Not to healthy; i woulnt suggest anyone follow my example. Its just the way i am, as a perfectionist.
  • I let them go as much as I can but some things remain staring me in the face. All in all though I'm OK with anything I've done.
  • I beat myself up over them for a little while then let it go and move on. :)

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